4 American Biographies and Autobiographies from Sunbury Press

4 American Biographies and Autobiographies from Sunbury Press

Discover the incredible true stories of American people

We are capable of almost anything. From living our personal dreams to making a global difference, there is no stopping the human spirit. And don't our authors know it.

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With ten biographies rolled into one, Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits is sure to satisfy any history buff.

Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits: Americans Against the Grain takes the reader on a journey across American history from the colonial period to the present, through the life stories of exceptional men and women who have responded in unconventional ways to the challenges and circumstances of their time and place.

Biographies include:

  • Roger Williams: The First American
  • Anne Bradstreet: The First American Poet
  • Judith Baca: Chicana Muralist
  • And 7 more!

*#1 Amazon bestseller in Historical Latin American Biographies!*

Mavericks...Canva bestseller

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Nearly everyone dreams of "making it." But a young North Carolina boy named Calvin Richardson actually made it happen.

In this autobiography, Calvin Richardson rises out of his modest southern upbringing to become a multi-Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. While offering insight into the reality of the music industry, Richardson's inspiring story introduces readers to the tenacity and determination needed to manifest a dream.

Take a trip with Richardson on the ups and downs, twists and turns that transformed a young boy from the Carolinas to a chart-topping inspiration.

Check out Calvin's interview with Sister Circle about his path, career, and Do You, Without Them!

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Drive, determination, and beauty products--Golden Beauty Boss is the inspiring tale of one woman making millions in the 1940s.

This first biography of the entrepreneur Madame Sara Spencer will leave you proud, inspired, and impressed. In 1911, a Virginia budding-entrepreneur moved to Atlantic City to start selling cosmetics door-to-door and styling hair in her basement.

Pretty soon, she'd turned her business into an empire. Sara opened a manufacturing company creating hundreds of products, hired 45,000 sales agents all over the world, and was even honored at the New York World's Trade Fair in 1939 as "Most Distinguished Businesswoman. She reached millionaire status in the 1940s and took on roles as a civic leader and philanthropist.

Like Netflix's Self Made? Golden Beauty Boss is the perfect companion piece for another brilliant black woman entrepreneur!

Black woman entrepreneur (Canva) Self Made Golden Beauty

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The oddball story of Franklin Roosevelt's problematic cousin and his mysterious death

A brilliant and complex combination of conflicting character traits, Kermit Roosevelt was the gifted, problematic cousin that almost brought down the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

Including tales of his affairs and alcoholism, Lost in the Shadow of Fame is the captivating story of a lesser known cousin who may have died naturally--or may have been murdered to keep things quiet.

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THIS WEEKEND ONLY: 25 FREE eBooks from Sunbury Press


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Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

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As journeyman journalist Revere Polk investigates the 40-year-old murder of his great-uncle  a cold case suddenly comes to a full boil.

What did Uncle Jake's top secret, but ill-fated, mission to Tokyo in August of 1945 have to do with a modern-day plot to assassinate the president of the United States?

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During the later nineteenth century, the wealthy community of Tuxedo Bark  becomes the stalking-ground for one of America’s most heinous, early serial killers. The murder and mayhem continues unabated until an eccentric and brilliant young scientist and his alluring new acquaintance begin their pursuit.

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The blast is shattering.

Hunter is momentarily stunned. Samantha his "handler" and last night playmate, gone. He sees the bomber and springs into action.

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When the murder of Andy Cornell's brother is still unsolved after two and a half years, Andy enters Albuquerque's hidden worlds of cartel violence, street people, and Pueblo secrets to find justice.

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David Andrews, the United States President, has convinced his most trusted friend (Cole Palmer) to personally convey his new Middle East strategy to the region’s established power brokers with the view to end the Sunni-Shia sectarian struggle before all-out war breaks out…a war that could change the face of the earth as we know it.

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What happens when a traveling salesman accidentally meets an attractive woman at the mall? Joe Tarone's latest novel takes many unexpected twists and turns through murder and indiscretion.

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When Ben Carlisle falls in love with Karen, she works alongside him to help make his dream come true. He wants to expand his small dairy farm that he inherited from his father in the green hills of northern Pennsylvania.

Suddenly, through no fault of their own, they face the possibility they may lose everything. Journey with them as they must go up against powerful leaders in the community who have a sinister plan to make money and hide corruption.

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Emma Green is the local meteorologist for the small town of Tolland, Kansas. The town has a lucky history of never suffering a direct hit from a tornado, but Emma has information that suggests this lucky streak is about to come to an end.

Her boss disagrees with her forecast and will not allow her to air her predictions. With her job being threatened and her ability to save lives severely limited, what will she do when facing the dilemma of a lifetime?

Speculative Fiction

General Fiction

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It is 1887. Snow is falling in the high country of Colorado. Bill Ewing led a bank heist in the small mountain town of Kinsey City — but just woke up tied to the back of a mule. Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave is an epic novel chronicling Bill Ewing’s gang of thieves and the posse that takes after them, the cowhands of the B-Cross-C, and the unexpected turns of life which bring them all together.

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Thoroughly grounded in years of research, The Savage Apostle, is an exciting and colorful account of the events leading up to King Philip’s War, the costliest war per capita ever fought on American soil. Moreover, it is an exemplary lesson for today’s world where divisiveness and conflict are so often brought about by racial and religious intolerance.

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Through a Glass Darkly contains 22 literary short stories by the legendary author and poet Hugh Fox.

Praise for Hugh Fox:
"Hugh Fox is the Paul Bunyan of American Letters, part myth, part monster, and, myself-as-subject, a magnificent non-stop storyteller." -- Bill Ryan, The Unborn Book

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THE SPIRITS' CABIN ON LAKE EAGLE TALON is a story of Native American Lore, a teenage couple’s abiding love, and ordinary people who are called upon to do extraordinary deeds.


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While Bob Cousy had been credited for saving professional basketball in Boston as a player, he is also credited with destroying professional basketball in Cincinnati as a coach.

The uneasy relationship in Cincinnati between Cousy the coach and Robertson the player fueled by leftover competitive conflict from their days as players on the hardwood would become a collision of will between them and render the Royals franchise dysfunctional.

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This is the 25th anniversary edition of What Do You Say? Its first publishing necessitated further printing. Once out of print, requests kept coming for a new edition. Twenty-five years after its release, it was still being used as a model of discovering the blessing of our elders. Its truths more than ever speak to the larger hunger and urgency of engaged listening in an isolating, disconnected world.

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In Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World, Lisa Hromada shares a fascinating collection of conversations with Spirit that reconnect you to the love of God, provide a passage to discover your purpose and inspire you to relax in the knowing that you are infinitely guided.

Explore profound topics on love, thought, consciousness, the afterlife, death and reincarnation, God's laws and the creation of the soul. These sessions with Spirit help you to better understand yourself as "soul," reveal what you must learn in this life and guide you to a greater awareness of your connection to all creation.

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Have you ever lost a beloved pet and wondered if they go to Heaven like humans do? Have you felt the presence of a departed pet or animal or had dreams about them? Do you have a pet that seems like the reincarnation of a departed pet?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, or if you just love animals, you will love the many true, heartfelt stories Michele Livingston has carefully selected for this book.

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Arthur Hoyle’s “Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits” is the Sunbury Press bestseller for March

Arthur Hoyle’s “Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits” is the Sunbury Press bestseller for March

SUNBURY PRESS / DISTELFINK PRESS / OXFORD SOUTHERN – Bestsellers for March 2020 (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 NEW Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits Arthur Hoyle Biography
2 Do You Without Them Calvin Richardson Autobiography
3 7 The Blood Letter Helga Rist Memoir
4 1 Displaced Linda Schwab Holocaust Memoir
5 6 The Last Ride of the Iron Horse Dan Joseph Baseball History
6 NEW The Road to Villa Page Cynthia & William Royce Travel Memoir
7 Pennsylvania Patriots Farrell, Farley, & Knorr Biography
8 NEW Ponies West Jeff Pappas Memoir
9 9 The Foreman’s Boys William Marcum History
10 20 Collision Course William Cook Basketball
11 NEW Crossing with the Clarks Victor Hart History
12 25 What Springs of Rain Lindsay Lough Nature
13 12 Cruel Death, Heartless Aftermath Barbara Mancini Memoir
14 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair Vietnam Memoir
15 18 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, 2nd Ed. Mike Campbell History
16 The 1932 New York Yankees Ronald Mayer Baseball History
17 28 Dead Center Jason Altmire Politics
18 Behind Barbed Wire and High Fences Phyllis Hochstetler WW2 Memoir
19 Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania George Donehoo History
20 8 The Life and Loves of Thaddeus Stevens Mark Singel History
21 The Most Hated Man in America Mark Pendergrast True Crime
22 10 The Journalist Oxana Lapchuk Holocaust Memoir
23 3 Surviving: A Kent State Memoir Paula Tucker Memoir
24 My War and Welcome to It Tom Copeland Vietnam Memoir
25 22 In the Company of Patriots Virginia Brackett Biography
26 Wrestling with George Miles Richards History
27 Lost in the Shadow of Fame William Lemanski Biography
28 Terminal Disaster Radic & Fontana Business
29 27 Forts, Forests, and Flintlocks John L. Moore History
30 Gettysburg Eddie Lawrence Knorr Baseball History

Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits: Americans Against the Grain takes the reader on a journey across American history, from the colonial period to the present, through the life stories of exceptional men and women who have responded in unconventional ways to the challenges and circumstances of their time and place. The journey begins in Puritan New England, where the country’s roots were planted. It then visits America’s war of independence, before following the path of westward migration. It explores the struggle over slavery and the impact of the industrial revolution on the quality of American life. Chapters on the twentieth century take up the issues of war, alienation, and social inequity that haunt the American dream. The journey ends as we wrestle with the challenge of climate change and its implications for our economic system and agriculture.

The cast of characters reflects the diversity of the people who make up the American melting pot–Northern Europeans, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, and Native Americans. Although these individuals represent widely varying cultural traditions and beliefs, they share a commitment to upholding the promise of liberty, equality, and opportunity that the New World held out to the Old. Their life stories, though often at variance with the direction of the mainstream society around them, exhibit certain enduring qualities of the American character–courage, experimentation, creativity, independence, compassion¾qualities that make them exemplars.


  • Roger Williams: The First American
  • Anne Bradstreet: The First American Poet
  • Thomas Paine: The Voice of Revolution
  • Josiah Gregg: A Wanderer on the Prairie
  • William and Ellen Craft: Runaways To Freedom
  • Thorstein Veblen: An Adam Longing for Eden
  • Thomas Merton: The Restless Hermit
  • Brummett Echohawk: Plains Warrior
  • Judith Baca: Chicana Muralist
  • Warren Brush and Cynthia Harvan-Brush:.Revolution from the Ground Up


“We need a book like this at the current moment” — Eric Foner, DeWitt Clinton Professor Emeritus, Columbia University.


Arthur Hoyle is a writer, educator, and independent filmmaker. His documentary films have won numerous awards and have aired on PBS, and he received a media grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Before becoming an author, he produced corporate communications materials in print and video for a broad array of clients. He received Bachelors and Masters Degrees in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, and taught English, coached tennis, and served as an administrator in independent schools. He currently volunteers as a naturalist in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, leading interpretive walks on Chumash Indian culture. His biography of Henry Miller, The Unknown Henry Miller: A Seeker in Big Sur, was published in March 2014 by Skyhorse/Arcade. He has also published essays in Huffington Post, Empty MirrorAcross the Margin, Counterpunch, and AIOTB: As It Ought To Be. He lives in Pacific Palisades, California.

by Arthur Hoyle
Trade paperback – 6 x 9 x .8
288 Pages
HISTORY / United States / Colonial Period
HISTORY / United States / Revolutionary Period
HISTORY / United States / 19th Century
HISTORY / United States / 20th Century
Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz’s “The Weathermaker” repeats as Milford House Press bestseller for March

Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz’s “The Weathermaker” repeats as Milford House Press bestseller for March

MILFORD HOUSE PRESS  – Bestsellers for March 2020  (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 1 The Weathermaker Glenn Schwartz Climate Fiction
2 Emeralds of the Alhambra John Cressler Historical
3 NEW The Devil’s Palm Bob Knapp Murder Mystery
4 12 Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs Wil Falconer Science Fiction
5 Purpose of Evasion J A Walsh Spy Thriller
6 The Survival of Sarah Landing Margaret Meacham Murder Mystery
7 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical
8 The Ghosts of Laurelford Margaret Meacham YA Mystery
9 7 The Road to Lattimer Virginia Rafferty Historical
10 10 The Vatican’s Vault Barry Libin Murder Mystery
11 15 Murder at Henry’s Fork Peter Gibbs Murder Mystery
12 The Wolf of Britannia Part I Jess Steven Hughes Historical
13 The Broken Lance Jess Steven Hughes Historical
14 NEW The Boater’s Club Deanne Baker YA Adventure
15 4 Secrets of the Galapagos Sharon Marchisello Murder Mystery

His father warned him not to do it. Neil Stephenson can control the weather—but should he? He is already a rising star TV meteorologist in Baltimore. During a snowstorm that isn’t producing as much snow as predicted, Neil discovers his gift: he can make the snow increase or decrease and make it start or stop raining.

The latest science shows that extreme weather has increased in frequency and severity due to climate change. Being able to prevent some of those disasters sounds great, but… weakening one hurricane in the Atlantic could strengthen a typhoon in the Pacific. Preventing floods in one country might lead to drought next door (“They stole our rain!”).

Neil is torn between preventing disasters that save the insurance industry billions and saving lives from drought in Africa. The most famous actress in Hollywood seduces him so he will do the latter. The military and organized crime want to use him, too. He becomes a national hero to many. On the other hand, lawsuits, criminal charges, and even death threats follow his actions.

The Weathermaker is a “cli-fi” genre-bending thriller, with the action aspects of Twister. It shows the tragic aspects of climate change (like The Day After Tomorrow) and “the cure is worse than the disease” (Snowpiercer). There is also evidence that controlling nature can lead to disaster (Jurassic Park). The added bonus is that the author is a meteorologist, and the science is accurate. Plus, 40 years on TV has given him lots of “inside TV news” stories.

What Others Are Saying:

Science doesn’t only belong in conferences and textbooks. It needs to be accessible to the public. The climate and extreme weather affect almost every aspect of our lives, yet the only scientist that many people encounter daily is their favorite TV meteorologists. Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz is a respected and acclaimed scientist and communicator that has offered up a fascinating fictional narrative anchored in science. It is sneaky, effective and entertaining way to share weather and climate science to the masses. — Dr. Marshall Shepherd; Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Geography; Director, UGA Atmospheric Sciences Program; Full Professor, Department of Geography

The Weathermaker is both a cli-fi thriller and a who-dun-it, written by a professional TV meteorologist. In this age of eco-anxiety over floods, droughts and hurricanes, this novel is both a grippping read and an entertaining wake up call. — Dan Bloom, editor, The Cli-Fi Report

Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz gives us that true rarity in fiction: an entertaining story that also has great meteorology. Tornadoes, droughts, hurricanes, winter storms, and how climate change may be affecting them are all featured as the hero meteorologist travels the world. And the Hurricane Hunters should definitely not repeat the type of hurricane flight featured in The Weathermaker! — Dr. Jeff Masters, former Hurricane Hunter, co-founder of Weather Underground, and extreme weather and climate change writer for Scientific American

People are fascinated by meteorological phenomena, and Hurricane Schwartz has taken explaining extreme weather to another level. The Weathermaker is not just a page-turner, it showcases the ability of a science communicator to help people connect the dots. — John Morales, CBM, CCM, AMS Fellow Chief Meteorologist, WTVJ NBC 6, Miami, @JohnMoralesNBC6

It has been said that “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it”. In The Weathermaker, however, Philadelphia’s legendary TV Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz spins an entertaining yarn about a meteorologist who does indeed do something about the weather. And in the process, Schwartz tells a cautionary tale about the threats posed both by human-caused climate change and perilous “geoengineering” quick fixes that have been proposed to deal with it. — Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University and author of The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial is Destroying the Planet, Ruining our Politics, and Driving us Crazy

The popular meme that truth is stranger than fiction often holds true. But in the increasingly strange world of long-term climate change and every-day weather — and especially in the words of a masterful practitioner and communicator of both — one can only hope that “Hurricane” Schwartrz’s story-telling remains just that: engrossing and creative fictiion, with a clarity and sense of purpose that sucks the reader in with tornadic zest. If his Weathermakers really come to be, we’ll all be in for far more than just stormy days ahead, but at least this wizened Philadelphia weathercaster will have given us a few needed laughs along the way. — Bud Ward, veteran journalist and Editor, Yale Climate Connections

About the Author:

Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, doing the weather on TV for 40 years of his 47-year career. His specialty has been in forecasting and severe weather, especially hurricanes. He co-authored the award-winning “Philadelphia Area Weather Book” in 2002 and was inducted into the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame in 2010.

He graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Meteorology in 1972. His first forecasting job was at AccuWeather. From there, he went to the National Weather Service at the National Hurricane Center, working with many internationally-recognized authorities. After transferring to the NWS office in Atlanta, his title became “Disaster Preparedness Meteorologist” for the state of Georgia.

Glenn was recruited into TV in 1979 after doing a live interview on WAGA-TV in Atlanta as Hurricane Frederick approached. He has also worked in several other TV stations around the country. He covered Hurricane Andrew on his first day at WINK-TV in Ft. Myers and returned to his hometown of Philadelphia in 1995 where he has been a widely-recognized on-air presence in commercial television for the past 24 years.

In 1985-86 he became the first “storm chaser” at The Weather Channel and was one of their designated “Hurricane Specialists.” He got his nickname in New York City after an anchor saw video of him being blown around during one of his hurricane chases. He lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, Sherry, and is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fanatic.

by Glenn Schwartz
Trade Paperback – 6 x 9 x 1
194 Pages
FICTION / Action & Adventure
FICTION / Disaster
FICTION / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
Koscienski & Pisano take the top spot at Hellbender Books / Verboten Books for March with “Satan’s Petting Zoo”

Koscienski & Pisano take the top spot at Hellbender Books / Verboten Books for March with “Satan’s Petting Zoo”

HELLBENDER/VERBOTEN BOOKS  – Bestsellers for March 2020  (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 NEW Satan’s Petting Zoo Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano Dark Humor
2 The Devil’s Grasp Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano Dark Fantasy
3 Fae Chris Fenwick Supernatural Thriller
4 2 Wolf Chris Fenwick Supernatural Thriller
5 3 When the Sky Goes Dark Oliver Seneca Techno Thriller

Your inner beast may be an unpleasant surprise …

Chad and his friends have a bully problem. The quarterback who harassed them for years is now on their college football team and eager to pick up where he left off. The Ink Stains, a gang of local thugs, offer to help Chad. He’s grateful until he learns the truth – they are a pack of lycanthropes who slaughter and eat a few of the tormenting football players. Chad and his friends have fallen prey to all new problems.

In a misguided attempt to take control of their lives by releasing their own inner beasts, Chad and his friends discover a way to become lycanthropes. When they change, they do not transform into the powerful werecreatures they had hoped. Instead, their inner beasts are a rabbit, a pheasant, a ferret, and an ox. Life has taken a turn for the worst.

The Ink Stains are anxious to eat them. A group of football players want revenge for their missing teammates. A pair of lycanthrope hunters with dubious intentions could help them or turn on them. They’re still trying to keep this a secret from their parents. It’s one thing to act like an animal, but what happens when you become one?


“Say hello to my furry little friends!” — Baron Wertheimer, socialite and author of snobby art books

“If you’ve ever decided to stand up to a bully, failed gloriously but never given up — choosing self-induced lycanthropy may not be the best answer, as Chad and his friends discover. A humorous, gory look at how becoming the best you can be may require several tries.” — Jeff Young, author of Spirit Seeker

“Gather round, boys and girls, for a wonderful little story about some furry creatures …. alas I introduce to you: Satan’s Petting Zoo!” — Brahm Stroker, author of the Rated Z series


Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano skulk the realms of south, central Pennsylvania. Brian developed a love of writing from countless hours of reading comic books and losing himself in the worlds and adventures found within their colorful pages. In tenth grade, Chris was discouraged by his English teacher from reading H.P. Lovecraft, and being a naturally disobedient youth he has been a fan ever since. They have logged many hours writing novels, stories, articles, comic books, reviews, and the occasional ridiculous haiku. To find out where they may be skulking next, visit them at www.novelguys.com.  If you happen to see them at one of the various conventions they participate in, feel free to stop by their table and say, “Hi.” They’re harmless!

by Brian Koscienski and Chris Pisano
Trade Paperback – 6 x 9 x 1
250 pages
Fiction / Horror
Fiction / Fantasy / Humorous
Fiction / Mythology
Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
Fiction / Humorous / Black Humor
Karim El Koussa’s “Jesus the Phoenician” is the Ars Metaphysica bestseller for March

Karim El Koussa’s “Jesus the Phoenician” is the Ars Metaphysica bestseller for March

ARS METAPHYSICA  – Bestsellers for March 2020  (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 4 Jesus the Phoenician Karim El Koussa Religious History
2 The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs Terry Ray Paranormal
3 The Phoenician Code Karim El Koussa Metaphysical Fiction
4 The ABCs of Narcissism Michelle Hoffer Self-Help
5 2 Living in the Afterlife Michele Livingston Metaphysical

Could it be possible that Jesus was not Jewish? What would that mean to the faithful? Jesus the Phoenician exposes, among other unprecedented certitudes, the origin of the Jewish faith and the true hidden identity of Jesus Christ.

Though the author claims no theological degree, as a Christian and a writer he has read and researched extensively and compiled a sound, compelling argument that the traditionally accepted story of Jesus the Jew, though largely undisputed by the faithful in favor of the biblical version, is actually an impossibility. By investigating the etymology of the name, Jesus, other questions arise regarding the incompatibility between the Great Annunciation and traditional Jewish practices, as well as the true lineage of the family of the Messiah. Then, by examining the lives of the family, friends, and Disciples of Jesus, the circumstances of Jesus’ birth are challenged, establishing which Bethlehem the child savior was born in and substantiating the origins—Galilean or Jewish—of Jesus and his Disciples. Furthermore, based on a new understanding of the true origins of Jesus and his apostles, Jesus the Phoenician reveals the truth about Jesus by showing the many holes in the traditional Jewish and biblical history that point to Jesus having been a Jew. And, finally, the reader is asked to consider the validity of the typically dismissed sources, the Apocrypha, the ex-biblical texts that suggest and support the theory of Jesus the Phoenician.

By investigating and analyzing the Old and New Testaments, as well as numerous other books, Apocrypha, and scholarly sources, Jesus the Phoenician systematically debunks the traditionally accepted Jewish story of Jesus and synthesizes a groundbreaking explanation for this historical and theological blunder. By delving into the history of the Canaano-Phoenicians and disproving the accuracy of the established story of Jesus Christ, Jesus the Phoenician begs the reader to think outside of biblical tradition and to consider, as have scholars, theologians, and writers throughout history, the proof herein that denies the identity of Jesus the Jew.


  • Part I
    • Etymology of the Savior’s Name
    • The Great Annunciation
    • The Family of Jesus
  • Part II
    • The Geographical Region: Mt. Carmel & Bet-Lahem of Galilee
    • The Historical Evidence of Jesus the Galilean
    • The Galilean Disciples of Jesus
  • Part III
    • The Cultural and Religious Entourage at the Time of Jesus
    • The Hypothetical Jesus the Jew Fails to Prove Himself Once Again
    • Which God and What Temple?
  • Part IV
    • The Extra-New Testament Sources
    • The Church New Testament
    • The Religion and Theology of Jesus the Phoenician
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix:
  • Maps
    • Authentic Maps of the Phoenician Bethlehem Bet(h)-Lahem (House of Bread)
    • Map 1 – Section of “Palestine”
    • Map 2 – Section of ancient “Soria”
    • (This is a section of the first scientific map of Syria (meaning Phoenicia). It was drawn by the geographer Ptolemy around 150 AD, basing it on the work of Arastonis and Marinos of Tyre.)
    • Map 3 – Section of “Bird’s Eye View of the Holy Land”
    • Map 4 – Section of “Israel”
  • Pictures
    • The Grotto of Makadoushi where Virgin Lady Maryām waited for her son to return from his missionary journeys in Jerusalem
    • The Lebanese Kana or Qana: the place of origin of the Virgin Lady Maryām and the famous wedding of Kana where the first miracle of turning water into wine occurred
  • Tables
    • Table 1 – Yāwshu Family Tree
    • Table 2 – The Apostles
    • Table 3 – The Approximate Timeline of the Most Important Christian Events and the Development of the Church New Testament


«The New Testament is a Phoenician call that has nothing to do with the Jewish religion. Conclusively, Jesus was not the son of David nor was he Jewish, but Canaanite/Phoenician. His Father was not YHWH but Ēl-Ēlyon. His name “Immanuel,” as written in the New Testament, does not mean “YHWH with us” but “Ēl (God) with us.” In his 342 pages book, author Karim El Koussa is going to decode the Old Testament and New Testament, passing by Apocryphal works, tens of books and hundreds of references, using the geography of the region at the time along with the etymology of names and places to support his theory. A lot of research related to the subject is yet to be done, meanwhile, his book will cause more spilled ink.» — Lebanese Senior Culture Editor, Maroun Salhani, wrote during a review of the book and an interview with the author on NOW. Lebanon, February 1, 2014.
«This is a highly controversial subject. Karim’s thesis is revolutionary but quite possibly true. He sets out to prove by the Bible itself – New and Old Testaments – that Jesus of Nazareth was not a Jew and that the God he called “his Father” was the Canaanite “EL”, not the Jewish YHVH. (Jehova). This should be a very provocative and enlightening discussion — so tune in and get Salvation Phoenician style.» — American author and Host Poke Runyon reviewing and discussing the new book by the Lebanese Christian author Karim el Koussa «Jesus the Phoenician» on Radio (blogtalkradio) in a program called The Hermetic Hour, January 9, 2014.

9 x 6

348 pages  w/maps and photos

James Dohren’s “Windy City Stories” is the Brown Posey Press bestseller for March

James Dohren’s “Windy City Stories” is the Brown Posey Press bestseller for March

BROWN POSEY PRESS  – Bestsellers for March 2020  (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 NEW Windy City Stories James Dohren History
2 2 The Reluctant RV Wife Gerri Almand Travel Memoir
3 1 Rainwalkers Matt Ritter Climate Fiction
4 5 The Court of Vintage Woods Josh Penzone Literary Fiction
5 Searching for Roy Buchanan Tory Gates YA Literary Fiction

Windy City Stories is a gathering of non-fiction stories created by the author, James Dohren, with the intent of making one of the greatest cities in the world memorable to visitors as well as life-long residents. Inside Windy City Stories the reader will discover scoundrels and visionaries, music and technology, great beauty and great terror, names famous and those lost to popular knowledge. The author has chosen his stories randomly to avoid the familiar and mundane with enjoyable and informative narratives which give depth and breadth to the twenty subjects found in his book. Even stories with seemingly familiar subjects will contain content which will inform and surprise. The author has written his stories in a light and often humorous vein when the subject allows or a darker style when the subject is more serious. You will find this a highly readable book.


  • “The 77”: Chicago’s Neighborhoods
  • Getting Around Town: Chicago’s Street Railroads
  • The Windy City: Chicago Political Conventions
  • The City by the Lake: Chicago’s Front Yard
  • A Chicago Lakefront Gem: The Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Lakefront Legacy of Lenox Lohr
  • Vanity Fair
  • From Pleasure to Terror: Part One—The Iroquois Theater Fire
  • From Pleasure to Terror: Part Two—The Sinking of the SS Eastland
  • Chicago in the Air: A Tale of Three Airports
  • The Show Is Over: Chicago Neighborhood Movie Palaces
  • “Laugh Your Troubles Away”: Thrills and Chills at Riverview Amusement Park
  • A Captain’s Nation: Streeterville
  • The River Now Runs to the Sea
  • Chicago’s Railroads Sinks to New Depths: The Chicago RR CTA Subway and The Great Chicago Flood
  • Fire on the Water: The Terrible Crib Disaster of 1909
  • Chicago on the Air: Early Chicago Radio and Television
  • The Prairie Farmer Station: The WLS National Barn Dance
  • The Windy City’s Musical Gift to the World: Chicago Style Blues
  • Building the Ike: Construction of the Eisenhower Expressway
  • Spooky Chicago: Ghosts, Graveyards, Tragedy, and Murder


James Dohren is a long-retired public school history and government teacher. He grew up in Aurora , Illinois and taught 33 years in Downers Grove, IL. He and his wife of 52 years split their year between an independent living facility in Lancaster,PA and their winter home in a retirement community in Central Florida. James and his wife, Susan, have two daughters. Jen is a IT leader working for the Disney corporation in Orlando. Sarah is a vet tech in Lancaster.

James has a long-time affinity and experience with Old Time Radio. Once a month during the winter he prepares and presents an OTR program  for friends featuring shows and background information. He is a successful free-lance writer specializing in memoir pieces for nostalgia magazines. He has one previously published book, Letters From A Shoebox published by Sunbury Press. It is based on a collection of Civil War battlefield and home front letters with commentary.

James enjoys volunteering. After his retirement while still living in Illinois he was a generalist interpreter at a working history farm. He took central roles in Independence Day and Decoration Day programs as well as weekly activities. He also worked on a crew which fought invasive  plants on a  wetland prairie. In PA he volunteers at the acclaimed Landis Valley Museum and Farm where again he is an interpreter of the country store and the Landis Brothers House. James enjoys trivia games and is really good at Jeopardy.

by Jim Dohren
Trade paperback – 6 x 9 x .5
176 Pages
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Midwest
HISTORY / Modern / General
3 True Stories from the Holocaust

3 True Stories from the Holocaust

It is Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Days of Remembrance Week. 

Orchestrated by the US Congress and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Holocaust Days of Remembrance Week is dedicated to observances and remembrance activities nationwide between April 19, 2020 to the April 26, 2020.

To join in on this week of remembrance, we're turning to three amazing true stories from the Holocaust, as published by Sunbury Press.

3 Unbelievable True Stories from the Holocaust 

About the Books

The Journalista story unlike any other Holocaust memoir, not only depicts life in a concentration camp, but also the death marches, a bold escape, the days of wandering in the forest dodging Nazi troops, the unceasing pangs of hunger that were finally satiated, the years of searching and longing to live in a free country. This is a book you cannot put down because it draws you into the life of the journalist and compels you to keep reading to find out the outcome of his fate. Will he live to fulfill his destiny or will his life be cut short because the chances of his surviving seemed impossible?

The Journalist is not just a book about how one man survived the Holocaust, but also the principles he practiced that eventually allowed him to triumph in the midst of overwhelming odds. This fast-paced true story leaves the reader breathless and astonished at the tenacity and resolve of the journalist to forge ahead when others gave up the struggle. There are many people out there who are facing challenging situations, and they need to have hope to believe that as they practice the same principles that the journalist practiced, they, too, will be able to triumph, for truly the human spirit is indomitable and can overcome any obstacle. The end result: hope that eventually produces victory over our circumstances.

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Displaced is Linda Schwab’s Holocaust memoir, a retelling of her experience surviving 18 months in a man-made cave, another year as an exile in Poland and Germany, and three years as a refugee in a displaced persons camp. Just six years old when a band of Nazi soldiers arrived in her tiny shtetl in Myadel, Poland, Linda observed atrocities no child ever needs to witness. With her parents and two brothers, during the summer of 1942, Linda was forcibly relocated into a ghetto where most of the Jewish men were led to the nearby forest and killed in a pogrom. After the massacre, Linda escaped with her family into the Ponar Forest, but only after evading Polish nationals and Nazis that patrolled Poland's countryside. Deep in the woods, Linda’s family lived in a cave. They survived brutal winters, eluded partisan fighters that might force Linda’s father to leave the family, and remained out of sight from Nazis and Polish police, who at one point, came only feet from their dugout.

Written with historian Todd M. Mealy during a time when Holocaust deniers aim to rehabilitate the Nazi ideology and as roughly 400,000 survivors remain with us, Displaced presents Schwab’s singular voice. Her narrative will help maintain—if not bolster—Holocaust knowledge, as her story of surviving the Polish wilderness during WWII and in a Displaced Persons Camp after the war is unique from most accounts. Displaced will inspire the rest of us to confront hatred in its many forms.

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Ten children. Some survived with the help of others. Some survived on their own. Some not only survived but helped others survive as well. Each of their stories, like each of them, is different. Their experiences are different. But taken together, with each story in its own historical context, they provide a broad understanding of the struggles of those who survived and those who didn’t.

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Interview with Scott Stevens

Interview with Scott Stevens

Meet Scott Stevens

This is the author photo for scott stevens of sunbury press

Scott Stevens is an international best-selling and award-winning author from Tampa, Florida. He was a sportswriter before becoming a novelist and has garnered over 125 million readers online and in print. Not too bad if you ask us! You can follow him at ScottStevensAuthor.com.

Three Books of Suspense by Scott Stevens

Interview with Scott Stevens

by Joe Walters

Joe and Scott

Q: Scott Stevens, thanks for chatting with me! I've been keeping an eye on everything that's been going on with you over on Twitter, and I just couldn't wait to get talking about your work. It looks like you've had some exciting new developments recently with the Deadly Roses publication and even a review from WWE legend Tony Garea. How cool is that?!

Thanks for chatting with me, Joe! Yeah, Deadly Roses has been very well received so far. This thriller is bit different from my previous books as it also includes a domestic violence angle. I'm glad everyone likes it so far. Just this weekend, it got endorsements from actor John Martino of The Godfather fame and a video endorsement from "The Voice" Justin Michaels! As you mentioned, Tony Garea posted about how much he liked On the Run as well. I can't wait to see what he thinks of Deadly Roses.

Q: I know you were a sportswriter for a while before this, so obviously you've been a fan of words for a long time now. But when did you start writing fiction? And what is it about the craft that keeps you crawling back for more?

Yes, I did the sportswriting thing for a long time. I was talking to one of my editors one day about an idea I had and how I thought it would make a great movie. He suggested I make a novel out of it. Of course, at this point, I hadn't written anything longer than sports editorials or game wrap-ups, so the thought was a bit overwhelming--but very intriguing, too. It took a long time, but On Ice was finally finished and released, and I was very surprised that people actually liked it. Not bad for a first release!

I love writing fiction because I control every aspect of the story. I create the characters, their flaws, the settings, and the entire storyline. It's cool because if I don't like how something is working out, I have the option to just scrap a scene or character and start again. You can't do that with sports or with nonfiction. Creating the entire thing from scratch is a lot of fun.

Q: So, let's talk about that oeuvre of yours, shall we? In your latest book (Deadly Roses), a love triangle takes a turn for the worst. In the one before that (On the Run), we get ourselves into some wrong-place, wrong-time drug cartel danger. And in Twister Town, a tornado sweeps across an unsuspecting town. Needless to say, they've all got their own special issues brewing. So since they're all so different, how do you go about choosing which projects to take on? Are there any underlying themes or situations that run through all of your works regardless of the premises?

Thrills, with plenty of action and adventure. My focus is on current day thrillers involving drugs, money, and murder. Realistic thrillers where the reader can feel like they are part of the event. So I'd say that's my primary underlying thread throughout my work: realistic thrills.

As far as picking the story...it's really just what I see in everyday life, or maybe on the news. I might see something on the news and think how things could have gone differently or what happened leading up to that point. Things like that. For example, Twister Town isn't about drugs or murder, but it does have the realistic feel of what it's like to go through such a terrible event. It's based on a real town I visited once in the midwest. I really did see people not paying attention when the tornado sirens went off, and it blew my mind.

Q: I'm a big fan of the love triangle set-up you've got going on in Deadly Roses. What do you think it is about love triangles that make readers and viewers keep on coming back to them?

Love triangles never end well. I've never seen a movie or heard of a book where a love triangle ended with happily ever after. People know it's going to end badly, and lots of those people want to know the result. In most cases, someone gets hurt or even dies. It's not just the final result though that hooks people--it's what takes place to lead up to the ending. In Deadly Roses, there are several action scenes that bring the reader to the final result. That's another big part of it: "The chase."

Q: Do you have a favorite (spoiler-free) scene in Deadly Roses that you could tell us about?

Wow, there are a few. I love the story because it takes place in New York City. I grew up there, so I was able to take mental trips back to my youth while writing it. I can't give too much detail, but I can say that the scene on the subway and the one in the Lincoln Tunnel were a couple of my favorites. Both scenes could really happen in those settings, so I have a feeling it'll feel even more realistic for the reader. But I love that final scene too. I like to have a surprise ending, so I put a lot of thought into it. It really tested my ability to come up with something surprising and still have it be plausible. The reviews say I did a good job with it, so I'm glad to hear it worked out as I hoped.

Q: You’re a WWE fan, right? So let’s put that passion to the test—if all of your characters met in a royal-rumble style, steel-cage death match, who would walk away victorious and why?

What a fun question! It could come down to a "Fatal 4-Way" match inside the cage for sure. I'm thinking the fighters would be John Kinkaid from On Ice, Snake Santiago from Deadly Roses, and both Rosa Rodriguez and Hector from On the Run.

First out? It's Hector. He's tough, but he couldn't compete with the savagery the other three would bring into the cage.

Next, I'm thinking Rosa would give Snake a severe beating. Snake might feel confident because he's hit a few women in the past, but he'd fall short to the ruthless Rosa.

That would leave John Kinkaid and Rosa as the last two standing. It'd be an entertaining finish with Kinkaid's military background and Rosa's willingness to do whatever it takes to come out on top. She might be battered and beaten by the end of it,  but I'm confident she'd be the last person standing when the bell rings.

Q: And perhaps most importantly--what have you been watching during quarantine that we should check out?

Truthfully, I've always been a stay-at-home kind of guy anyway, so I've got a few answers for you. We just watched the entire series of Suits and then Deadwood. Both were great, but Deadwood was too short. I would have loved to see that one go for a few more seasons. But Better Call Saul is a current show we love to watch each week.

Q: What are you working on now? Anything we should keep an eye out for?

Currently I have Joe Abel's biography finished and waiting for publication. His story offers great insight to what it's like to be just a step below the big time. It has a lot of behind the scenes stuff and never-before-told stories. It was a lot of fun to write, and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley even wrote the Foreword for it. I can't wait until that one comes out because wrestling fans are going to love it.

I also have biographies in the works for WWE legend B. Brian Blair and former G.L.O.W. superstar Sunny the California Girl. After those are completed, I'm going to shift my focus back to the fiction thrillers because I love doing them. Hoping to have another one ready for release sometime next year. I love creating new stories and characters, so I'll never stop writing my beloved thrillers.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Scott Stevens! I had a great time talking with this best-seller, and I can't wait for you to check out the great stuff he's been doing over here.

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