Ketih Rommel Opens Up on His Thanatology

I had a chance to talk with the author of the “Thanatology” series and learned some interesting background about his books. The series came about because of Keith’s fixation with death. I would venture to say that most of us have questions about death we would like answered as well as fear. Many of us might even try to forget about our inevitable fate and refuse to acknowledge it as often as possible. For someone like Keith, who has experienced multiple brushes with death, the ideas of death and dying have become enigmas. He regards his feelings as an ebb and flow of curiosity spattered by fear. On occasion, he asks the question “how bad could it be” not in a suicidal way, but seeking more knowledge. Because it is impossible to know for sure what death is like, he imagines it instead. His novels create a window into what the other side of life could be. Much of the “Thanatology” is surprisingly based on real events and people. The main character in “The Lurking Man,” Cailean, is based on his own alcoholic grandparents and the theme of an abused child mimics his mother’s unfortunate life growing up.

Each of his books is a challenging read, but Keith knows his audience isn’t a bunch of dummies. Readers will figure it out if they pay attention, though these are not the sort of books one can daydream through. You have to stand on your toes or you’ll wind up confused. Keith describes it as “thinking man’s fiction.” The purpose of each book is for readers to stop and reflect on their own lives so that they ultimately lead better lives than the characters.

Finally, the beauty of the series is that the first three books can be read in any order. This allows for flexibility for potential readers to choose which book sounds most intriguing to them so that they can become better immersed in the fictional world. The fourth book in the “Thanatology” pulls pieces from the first three, so it is easier to understand if those ones are read first.

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Journey to the Gotham Graves

What better time to visit New York City’s historical side than this July? The perfect tour to pay your respects to three notable figures from the Big Apple fits in perfectly with the anniversaries of their deaths. You’ll want to bring a copy of “Gotham Graves: Famous Graves Found Around New York City” with you for reference. At each stop, you’ll be about to enjoy the stories of three incredible men. Start on July 11 in Westchester County, where the first stop is George Gershwin, resting in Westchester Hills Cemetery.

Next, on July 12, honor and remember founding father, Alexander Hamilton at his resting place in Trinity Church Cemetery. A few blocks away is Hamilton Grange National Memorial where he used to reside. The war hero commissioned an architect to build the home on his 32 acre estate. Unfortunately, the mansion was completed only two years before Hamilton’s passing, so he was not able to enjoy it for long.

The final stop, on July 13, is the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Though a Tennessee native, Grantland Rice left his mark on New York City as a sportswriter and poet. Sixty-four years after his death, it is time to reminisce on this beloved, upstanding citizen. He is buried beside his wife, Katherine.

The collection of biographies gathered by Joe Farley and Joe Farrell is available in two volumes. Each story is informative and entertaining. These two books are the perfect “travel guides” for New York City. So take off on a trip to NYC and spend some time for an inside look at famous lives. This is a journey that you won’t soon forget.

Rommel’s Lurking Man

What if you died and were given a choice? Face to face with Death, he offers you a chance to right your wrongs with one more day on Earth, but for a steep price. This is the decision Cailean struggles with on an internal journey of repentence. She must wrestle with the reality of her many sins as she is forced to uncover her own dark memories. She is trapped beneath figurative and literal lights in a space unknown to man.

“The Lurking Man” is the second book in the page turning Thanatology by Keith Rommel. This thriller will have you guessing alongside Cailean as she tries to piece together a life she does not remember. Truly, it’s a psychological roller coaster.

Keith Rommel is a Florida author of horror and thriller. Each of the books in the Thanatology is based in truth and inspired by real people. “The Lurking Man” is imbued with themes of alcohol abuse, the trials of losing love, and battles against demons and addiction. Mr. Rommel says it is his hope that each reader will be able to identify with his characters for themselves or someone they know. His books are about making audiences pause and reflect on their own lifestyles.

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