Barry Libin’s “The Vatican’s Vault” tops Milford House Press bestsellers for March

MILFORD HOUSE PRESS – Bestsellers for March 2019 (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 NEW The Vatican’s Vault Barry Libin Detective Thriller
2 9 Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith Historical
3 1 Dead of Winter Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
4 8 Emeralds of the Alhambra John Cressler Historical
5 19 The Wolf of Britannia part 1 Jess Stephen Hughes Historical
6 All the Aliens in the Neighborhood Donald Dewey Short Stories
7 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Stephen Hughes Historical
8 Dead of Autumn Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
9 5 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical
10 6 Moon Games Shelly Frome Detective Thriller
11 Dead of Summer Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
12 13 Dead of Spring Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
13 Who’s Killing the Brooklyn Dodgers? Donald Dewey Detective Thriller
14 7 As the Raven Flies Job Leach Crime Thriller
15 12 Atonement Kyle Alexander Romines Western

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