How a Book Was Born: Author Gerri Almand on Writing The Reluctant RV Wife

How a Book Was Born: Author Gerri Almand on Writing The Reluctant RV Wife

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Sunbury Press author journey series!

In every book, there's a story. And not just the one between its pages.

Every author has a different journey for how they ended up with the incredible book that landed in our inbox. Sure, we loved the book that they sent to us--enough to publish it and share with you all--but we wanted to know what it took for them to write that book, what drove them toward publication, and to get to know them better as artists.

And instead of keeping those answers to ourselves, we thought--to hell with it, let's share it with YOU.

We are thrilled to continue this new author-centric series with the hilarious Gerri Almand, author of The Reluctant RV Wife.

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"How a Book Was Born"

by Gerri Almand

The Reluctant RV Wife was a fluke. I never planned to write a book, just as I never planned to bounce up and down the road in a tin-can house. I cringed when my husband announced his dream of buying an RV and seeing the country. Not once had I EVER wanted to be one of those old coots tootling around in an obnoxious motorhome.  But I eventually agreed to try it, and off we went.

It didn’t take long to realize my husband’s RV enthusiasm was unlimited and his wanderlust insatiable. I threw hissy fits that each road trip lasted longer than the one before. My hysterical complaining failed to faze my husband. By our second year of RVing, I knew I had to reconcile being torn from a sticks-‘n-bricks, stay-at-home lifestyle to living part time as a gypsy. I started writing to manage my angst. Words erupted like projectile vomit, and it felt like I was leaving deposits on the keyboard as I struggled to get it all out.

As I wrote, the conflict between a reluctant wife and her excited husband traveling in an RV metamorphosed into a story arc. I realized my emotional meltdowns went beyond resistance to RV travel. The story became a growing old temper tantrum, a final attempt at figuring out the meaning of life and how to spend the rest of mine. Our RV had turned my life upside down and changed me in profound ways. I wanted to share the struggle and the ultimate triumph of achieving a new kind of freedom through a minimalistic lifestyle. My manifesto, The Reluctant RV Wife, was thus born.

My first public appearance as an author took place in a Sunbury Press booth at the 2019 Decatur Book Festival, outside of Atlanta, Georgia. A stranger approached me at the festival. My cardboard poster of the cover of The Reluctant RV Wife had caught her eye.

“Is that a true story?” she asked me, looking at the title of my book.

I laughed. “Yes, it is. I never wanted an RV—my husband did.”

“And he dragged you off in that thing?”

“Well . . . I did agree to it, though I hadn’t wanted to.”

The woman continued. “Back when my husband asked me to marry him over forty years ago, I looked him straight in the eye and told him there were three things I absolutely would never abide: cheating, beating, and RVing.”

I burst into a deep belly laugh. Other women who overheard the conversation laughed as well.  “I’m going to steal those words,” I said. “I love that story.”

That conversation followed me home. I had met many women and a handful of men who reported wanting no part of RVing but had spouses who did. How could those folks oppose RV travel so adamantly if they had never tried it? Then came the epiphany: I’d been just as reluctant as they professed to be. Maybe my story would help change some minds.

Both RVing and writing a book challenged and changed me. While I had never considered becoming a nomad, I had dreamed of being a writer since childhood. Instead, I became a social worker and spent forty years writing Psychosocial Evaluations, Social/Developmental Histories, and Child Custody Investigation Reports. The RV proved a vehicle for finding my voice and fulfilling that childhood fantasy of becoming a ‘real writer.’

My husband argues that The Reluctant RV Wife is his book. He jokes, “You had nothing to say until I bought you an RV.” While I disagree with his summation, writing a book about RV travel now feels like the most satisfying accomplishment of my life. It’s also been a hell of a fun literal and literary journey.

About the Author

Author photo of gerri almand author of the reluctant rv wife

Gerri Almand is a retired social worker turned writer, storyteller, and speaker. Her husband’s retirement crisis, which included buying an RV and declaring they should see the world, has given her untold ammunition for writing material. With a permanent home address in Tampa, Florida, Gerri and her husband Michael Hamlin now switch off their reluctancies. She continues to feel quasi-reluctant on the road and he feels acutely-reluctant during their periods at home. Learn more at her website.

Praise for The Reluctant RV Wife

What readers are saying about The Reluctant RV Wife by Gerri Almand


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Interview with Scott Stevens

Interview with Scott Stevens

Meet Scott Stevens

This is the author photo for scott stevens of sunbury press

Scott Stevens is an international best-selling and award-winning author from Tampa, Florida. He was a sportswriter before becoming a novelist and has garnered over 125 million readers online and in print. Not too bad if you ask us! You can follow him at

Three Books of Suspense by Scott Stevens

Interview with Scott Stevens

by Joe Walters

Joe and Scott

Q: Scott Stevens, thanks for chatting with me! I've been keeping an eye on everything that's been going on with you over on Twitter, and I just couldn't wait to get talking about your work. It looks like you've had some exciting new developments recently with the Deadly Roses publication and even a review from WWE legend Tony Garea. How cool is that?!

Thanks for chatting with me, Joe! Yeah, Deadly Roses has been very well received so far. This thriller is bit different from my previous books as it also includes a domestic violence angle. I'm glad everyone likes it so far. Just this weekend, it got endorsements from actor John Martino of The Godfather fame and a video endorsement from "The Voice" Justin Michaels! As you mentioned, Tony Garea posted about how much he liked On the Run as well. I can't wait to see what he thinks of Deadly Roses.

Q: I know you were a sportswriter for a while before this, so obviously you've been a fan of words for a long time now. But when did you start writing fiction? And what is it about the craft that keeps you crawling back for more?

Yes, I did the sportswriting thing for a long time. I was talking to one of my editors one day about an idea I had and how I thought it would make a great movie. He suggested I make a novel out of it. Of course, at this point, I hadn't written anything longer than sports editorials or game wrap-ups, so the thought was a bit overwhelming--but very intriguing, too. It took a long time, but On Ice was finally finished and released, and I was very surprised that people actually liked it. Not bad for a first release!

I love writing fiction because I control every aspect of the story. I create the characters, their flaws, the settings, and the entire storyline. It's cool because if I don't like how something is working out, I have the option to just scrap a scene or character and start again. You can't do that with sports or with nonfiction. Creating the entire thing from scratch is a lot of fun.

Q: So, let's talk about that oeuvre of yours, shall we? In your latest book (Deadly Roses), a love triangle takes a turn for the worst. In the one before that (On the Run), we get ourselves into some wrong-place, wrong-time drug cartel danger. And in Twister Town, a tornado sweeps across an unsuspecting town. Needless to say, they've all got their own special issues brewing. So since they're all so different, how do you go about choosing which projects to take on? Are there any underlying themes or situations that run through all of your works regardless of the premises?

Thrills, with plenty of action and adventure. My focus is on current day thrillers involving drugs, money, and murder. Realistic thrillers where the reader can feel like they are part of the event. So I'd say that's my primary underlying thread throughout my work: realistic thrills.

As far as picking the's really just what I see in everyday life, or maybe on the news. I might see something on the news and think how things could have gone differently or what happened leading up to that point. Things like that. For example, Twister Town isn't about drugs or murder, but it does have the realistic feel of what it's like to go through such a terrible event. It's based on a real town I visited once in the midwest. I really did see people not paying attention when the tornado sirens went off, and it blew my mind.

Q: I'm a big fan of the love triangle set-up you've got going on in Deadly Roses. What do you think it is about love triangles that make readers and viewers keep on coming back to them?

Love triangles never end well. I've never seen a movie or heard of a book where a love triangle ended with happily ever after. People know it's going to end badly, and lots of those people want to know the result. In most cases, someone gets hurt or even dies. It's not just the final result though that hooks people--it's what takes place to lead up to the ending. In Deadly Roses, there are several action scenes that bring the reader to the final result. That's another big part of it: "The chase."

Q: Do you have a favorite (spoiler-free) scene in Deadly Roses that you could tell us about?

Wow, there are a few. I love the story because it takes place in New York City. I grew up there, so I was able to take mental trips back to my youth while writing it. I can't give too much detail, but I can say that the scene on the subway and the one in the Lincoln Tunnel were a couple of my favorites. Both scenes could really happen in those settings, so I have a feeling it'll feel even more realistic for the reader. But I love that final scene too. I like to have a surprise ending, so I put a lot of thought into it. It really tested my ability to come up with something surprising and still have it be plausible. The reviews say I did a good job with it, so I'm glad to hear it worked out as I hoped.

Q: You’re a WWE fan, right? So let’s put that passion to the test—if all of your characters met in a royal-rumble style, steel-cage death match, who would walk away victorious and why?

What a fun question! It could come down to a "Fatal 4-Way" match inside the cage for sure. I'm thinking the fighters would be John Kinkaid from On Ice, Snake Santiago from Deadly Roses, and both Rosa Rodriguez and Hector from On the Run.

First out? It's Hector. He's tough, but he couldn't compete with the savagery the other three would bring into the cage.

Next, I'm thinking Rosa would give Snake a severe beating. Snake might feel confident because he's hit a few women in the past, but he'd fall short to the ruthless Rosa.

That would leave John Kinkaid and Rosa as the last two standing. It'd be an entertaining finish with Kinkaid's military background and Rosa's willingness to do whatever it takes to come out on top. She might be battered and beaten by the end of it,  but I'm confident she'd be the last person standing when the bell rings.

Q: And perhaps most importantly--what have you been watching during quarantine that we should check out?

Truthfully, I've always been a stay-at-home kind of guy anyway, so I've got a few answers for you. We just watched the entire series of Suits and then Deadwood. Both were great, but Deadwood was too short. I would have loved to see that one go for a few more seasons. But Better Call Saul is a current show we love to watch each week.

Q: What are you working on now? Anything we should keep an eye out for?

Currently I have Joe Abel's biography finished and waiting for publication. His story offers great insight to what it's like to be just a step below the big time. It has a lot of behind the scenes stuff and never-before-told stories. It was a lot of fun to write, and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley even wrote the Foreword for it. I can't wait until that one comes out because wrestling fans are going to love it.

I also have biographies in the works for WWE legend B. Brian Blair and former G.L.O.W. superstar Sunny the California Girl. After those are completed, I'm going to shift my focus back to the fiction thrillers because I love doing them. Hoping to have another one ready for release sometime next year. I love creating new stories and characters, so I'll never stop writing my beloved thrillers.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Scott Stevens! I had a great time talking with this best-seller, and I can't wait for you to check out the great stuff he's been doing over here.

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Interview with Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz

Interview with Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz

Meet Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz author headshot for novel The Weathermaker

In 1985-86, Glenn Schwartz became the first "storm chaser" at The Weather Channel and was one of their designated "Hurricane Specialists." He got his nickname in New York City after an anchor saw video of him being blown around during one of his hurricane chases. Now, he lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, Sherry, and is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fanatic. Learn more at

About the Book

Baltimore TV meteorologist Neil Stephenson can control the weather. But should he?

During a light snowstorm, TV meteorologist Neil Stephenson discovers that he can predict more snow on TV to match his prediction. With a power like this, he could be soaring in his profession in no time.

This cli-fi genre-bending thriller has the action aspects of Twister--with accurate science, organized crime, and death threats making their way to his doorstop.

Interview with Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

by Joe Walters

This is an original photo for the Joe Walters and Glenn Hurricane Schwartz interview

Q: Glenn Schwartz, author of The Weathermaker, thanks for chatting with me! Your book has gotten off to a great start as a #1 bestseller for our mystery imprint Milford House Press for the months of January and February. And I could.not.wait to bring you on for an author interview.

A: And I can't wait to talk about it. What a pleasant surprise that it started selling well right from the start!

Q: You've been flashing across Philadelphia area television screens for quite some time with your role as a TV meteorologist on NBC10. So we know you're real weather fanatic, but I'm curious--when did you start writing fiction?

A: This is my first piece of fiction. As scientists, we are trained to deal with facts, so it was a little strange (but refreshing) to just make stuff up. I wanted to get the science parts right but to tell an entertaining story too.

Q: You surely have more knowledge about weather than your everyday citizen. So what is it about climate change that you'd like to share through The Weathermaker?

A: The connection between climate change and extreme weather has become more and more obvious in the past decade. The studies show it, and I have clearly noticed changes as a forecaster. These changes are happening way before the projections said they would. That extreme weather is occurring all over the world, and the world needs to take some big action to limit these changes.

Q: It's not every day that a meteorologist pumps out a novel as thrilling as yours, so I'm sure you've had your nose in a book for a little while. Do you have any literary influences and/or favorite authors and books?

A: My biggest influences as a science communicator were Carl Sagan and Steven Schneider. As an author, I was most inspired by Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park was my favorite--how amazing that a writer could get into chaos theory in such an entertaining book for the masses!

Q: If you could control the weather like your book's main character, what would you do with that power?

A: I would make it rain to stop the huge wildfires and end droughts. I would weaken hurricanes as they threatened land. I would stop or minimize floods. And I might have some fun with it and make it rain on people I don't like when they least expect it.

Q: Ha! Remind me to stay on your good side, will ya? What is it about your main character (Neil Stephenson) that makes him a great character to follow around?

A: He seems to have such an easy charmed life. But there are conflicts inside him--and even possibly some demons.

Q: Can you share something about the book that we can't find in the blurb?

A: There are a lot of "inside TV" stories in the book, and nearly all of them are based on true stories--or at least that's what the people who told me the stories said. A lot of this stuff happened WAY back, when the rules weren't nearly as strict, and there was lots of money flowing around. I think it's one of the most entertaining parts of the book.

Q: Who do you envision as your ideal readers?

A: Someone with a casual interest in the changing weather and climate but would rather read a novel than a textbook.

Q: Do you think there's another novel hiding inside you now that The Weathermaker is out and available?

A: Definitely. If The Weathermaker is a success, there will be sequels (yes, plural). And my hope is that if all goes well, you'll be seeing this one up on the big screen.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz! I had a blast talking with this local TV legend, and I can't wait for everyone to get a hold of what he has brewing in The Weathermaker

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Interview with Keith Rommel

Interview with Keith Rommel

Meet author Keith Rommel:

This is the author photo of keith rommel, author of The Thanatology Series

Keith Rommel is a multi-award-winning author and screenwriter best known for his Thanatology dark suspense series. In addition to writing thirteen books, he also had the honor of co-writing The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man movies which have garnished over 160 awards combined, including best screenplay and best feature film.

The Thanatology Series

Interview with Keith Rommel

Q: Keith Rommel, author of the Thanatology series, thanks for chatting with me!

A: Thank you for having me.

Q: Let’s hear that elevator pitch. How would you describe the series to someone who knew nothing about it?

A: The Thanatology series is a collection of realistic and supernatural novels that explore humanity and its inherently corrupt nature. Some people don't seem to care until they're forced to face the unthinkable, so what does it look like when the unthinkable happens? What sacrifices would you be willing to make to undo your wrongs?

Q: At this point, we’re six books deep into the series. It might feel like a while since it’s all started, but put yourself in that early writer’s shoes. What made you first begin this project?

A: The project started with my desire to tell a story that hasn't been told before. As an avid reader, I've felt the market has been saturated with stories that have been told many different times. I always strive for unique storytelling, and six books later, I'm pleased to say that people are still interested in what I have to say.

Q: We’ve heard quite a few reviewers telling us how much they enjoyed The Sinful Man (among others of course). But I’m curious: what is it about that book that resonates best with you?

A: Like most books in the Thanatology series, there are universal truths in which the story of The Sinful Man is based off of. I'm particularly attached to that one because the stories of sin and hopeful redemption have affected people I know, meaning this book is a sort of outlet for me to share these important truths. 

Q: Two of the novels in the series (The Lurking Man and The Cursed Man) were turned into award-winning films. How exciting is that! What was it like seeing your characters and story come to life on screen like that?

A: It is truly an honor to have had my works brought to life. At times the feeling is surreal. I remember being nervous, excited, suspended by disbelief, and ultimately satisfied. The price is long, and it teaches you patience. Above all things I mention, I remain humble and remain focused on telling great stories. I have many more to tell and hopefully one of them will be worthy enough for film adaptation.

Q: Where can we watch those movies?

A: The Lurking Man is the first released title and is available on Amazon Prime TV.VUDU and many other platforms are forthcoming. That is a great intro to the film series.

Q: Sure, these novels are suspenseful, but there always seem to be something innately human about them. What feelings do you aim to evoke in readers as they finish your book(s)?

A: Realism is important to me, and that is why I always incorporate truth within my fiction. I feel when you blend truth, it allows the reader in to connect to each emotion running through the characters, so in my series, you can expect to feel desperation, fear, motivation, and eventually, elation.

Q: Are you working on anything right now? Can we expect more out of the Thanatology series?

A: I'm currently in the middle of what I believe to be my best book yet. I'm hoping to see it completed and renewed by year end 2020. This book is raw, emotional and very VERY personal. For now, the title will remain a secret. Visit to stay informed.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Keith Rommel! If you dare, take a chance on the first book in the series (The Sinful Man). When you close the last page, I'm confident you'll be crawling back for more.

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6 MORE Terrific Fiction Authors from Pennsylvania (Part 2)

6 MORE Terrific Fiction Authors from Pennsylvania (Part 2)

Sunbury Press is a proud champion of PA voices. Here's 6 fiction authors from Pennsylvania that you're going to want to check out

The Pennsylvania literary scene has to stick together. As a PA independent publisher, we're thrilled to give voice to local authors churning out some of the best fiction we can find.

In this blog post, venture through the biographies, websites, and social media links of some of Sunbury's fiction authors from Pennsylvania. We think you're going to like what you'll find.

This is the author photo for Thomas M. Malafarina

Thomas M. Malafarina (Harrisburg, PA) is a horror author from Berks County, Pennsylvania. He has been featured in multiple anthologies, published seven novels, and even wrote one book of often-strange single panel cartoons called Yes I Smelled It Too. Learn more on his website.

Horror Books from Thomas M. Malafarina

Follow the author on Facebook

Follow the author on Twitter

Nancy Williams is a graduate of Allegheny College and is a life-long resident of the very real town of Meadville, Pennsylvania. She is the author of four other books: Hawkmoon, Grace, Blood Truth, and Rabid Philanderers. Learn more at

Horror & Suspense Books from Nancy Williams

Learn more on her website

R. Kane Maurer is the author of The Forbidden Powers book series; the first of which (The Cup in the Shadows) is his debut. Maurer lives in Hershey, PA with his family. When he is not working on the sequel, you can find him reading and traveling. Learn more about him at

Middle Grade Fantasy from R. Kane Maurer

As summer ends, young Jonny reluctantly agrees to explore a local cave, expecting to find nothing more than bugs and dirt. But his quiet life is changed forever when he is inexplicably transported to a strange world filled with trolls, dragons, and powerful magic.

Alongside a group of legendary heroes, Jonny must race to save the realm from a growing horde of enemies as he uncovers more about an ancient villain who will stop at nothing for the power of a god.

[Read more]

Learn more at his website

this is the author photo for John L. Micek, author of Ordinary Angels

John Micek is an award-winning political journalist and the editor-in-chief of The Pennsylvania Capital-Star. In addition to his journalistic work and broadcast work, he writes fiction and lives in suburban Harrisburg with his wife and daughter.

Mystery/Thriller from John L. Micek

Veteran newspaper reporter Sean Flynn never imagined that a routine story about a fatal car crash would expose a dark secret about the highest reaches of Pennsylvania state government.

But when an anonymous tip and a thick sheaf of documents reveal that elected leaders are prone to put their own interests above those of the public, it’s up to Flynn to use all the skills of his profession to shake the truth loose.

Follow the author on Facebook

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this is an author photo of Larry Loebell author of Tough Girl in the Jam

Larry Loebell (Philadelphia, PA) is best known for his plays La Tempestad and House Divided and for his role as a writer on Rugrats season one. He has published two previous books of fiction, The Abundance League and Seven Steps Ahead. This is his first novel.

Literary Fiction from Larry Loebell

Set in the fast and furious world of women's professional roller derby, Tough Girl in the Jam is a novel about sports, strength, and sacrifice. As the lead Jammer on the Philly Freedoms, Nina must prepare for the biggest season of her life alongside her biggest fan and girlfriend Rachel.

As Nina and Rachel move toward a deeper commitment and contemplate their lives together, Nina's estranged father falls ill, propelling her mother to pressure her to donate a kidney to save him.

Read a book review

Read an author interview

H.A. Callum is a poet and writer hailing from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The rolling hills, weathered stone walls, and meandering woodland streams serve as the inspiration to his writing and to his eye as a naturalist. Stop by and strike up a conversation at his blog

Literary Fiction from H.A.  Callum

Alder Ferry would have been just another nondescript suburb living in the shadow of its urban parent if not for one detail: the mysterious stand of alder trees anchoring the town to its past. In the shadows of the alders, a boy named Tommy seeks escape and finds refuge.

Then Aubrey appeared. An unlikely friendship blossoms into a love that few people ever come to understand of enjoy--proving that true friendship is a romantic pursuit in its purest form.

Follow the author on Twitter

Stay tuned for more from Sunbury Press!

Thanks for checking out these six fiction authors from Pennsylvania! Sunbury Press has over 600 titles to choose from--the best in fiction and nonfiction through various imprints--and we love helping readers find their next favorite book.

If you liked what you read, check out these "5 Genre Fiction Novelists from Pennsylvania - Part 1" or browse our virtual bookstore.

5 Terrific Novelists from Pennsylvania – Part 1

5 Terrific Novelists from Pennsylvania – Part 1

Sunbury Press celebrates our local literary community with this look of 5 brilliant genre fiction novelists from Pennsylvania

As a Pennsylvania publisher, you better believe we're chomping at the bit to find our next favorite local writer to showcase through our various imprints.

Here's an in-depth look at the novelists roaming across multiple Pennsylvania counties, sure to be hosting an event somewhere near you. From mystery thrillers to epic fantasy to literary fiction, each one of these novelists from Pennsylvania has something thrilling to share with you.

this is a photo of pennsylvania author tory gates

Tory Gates (Harrisburg, PA) is an award-winning novelist of four books and a program host for authors on the BookSpeak Network.  His works are of young adult/crossover fiction with exotic settings that deal with real-life issues and problems. Learn more on his author website.

Books by Tory Gates

Follow the author on Facebook

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author photo of JM West on Good day Pa

J.M. West (Carlisle, PA) is a professor of English Studies and the author of the Carlisle Crime Cases series and a debut novel called Glory in the Flower, in which four coeds bond during the turbulent sixties. Check out more about her at

Three Books by J.M West

Follow J.M. West on Facebook

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz author headshot for novel The Weathermaker

In 1985-86, Glenn Schwartz became the first "storm chaser" at The Weather Channel and was one of their designated "Hurricane Specialists." He got his nickname in New York City after an anchor saw video of him being blown around during one of his hurricane chases. Now, he lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, Sherry, and is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fanatic. Learn more at

About the Book

Baltimore TV meteorologist Neil Stephenson can control the weather. But should he?

During a light snowstorm, TV meteorologist Neil Stephenson discovers that he can predict more snow on TV to match his prediction. With a power like this, he could be soaring in his profession in no time.

This cli-fi genre-bending thriller has the action aspects of Twister--with accurate science, organized crime, and death threats making their way to his doorstop.

Follow the author on Facebook

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Chris Fenwick is a writer, editor, marketer, and part-time farmer. She is a maker of books: some are the works of others, and some she writes herself (like The 100th Human and Wolf). She lives on a farm in rural Pennsylvania with her family. Learn more at

Books by Chris Fenwick

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Oliver C. Seneca was born and raised in the suburbs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After attending the Capital Area School for the Arts for filmmaking, he became passionate about writing and storytelling. This is his first novel. Learn more at

About the Book

After a sudden, bloodied brawl leaves over half of White Haven College dead, Jonathan Barnes finds himself thrust into a near-apocalyptic world turned completely upside down in violence. With no explanation as to the cause, Jon must venture into the horror to find his family and loved ones.

Nothing is certain except for one thing: Jon wants to be inside when the sky goes dark.

Follow the author on Facebook

Follow the author on Twitter

Stay tuned for more from Sunbury Press!

Thanks for checking out these five genre fiction novelists from Pennsylvania! Sunbury Press has over 600 titles to choose from--the best in fiction and nonfiction through various imprints--and we love helping readers find their next favorite book.

If you liked what you read, check out these "4 Engrossing Literary Books to Add to Your TBR List" or browse our virtual bookstore.

The St. Louis Jewish Light newspaper recognizes veterans’ stories

he St. Louis Jewish Light newspaper about Joe Regenbogen's nonfiction book, The Boys of Brookdale.

The St. Louis Jewish Light inspires their local community with their news and information. They are the award-winning newspaper of the Jewish community for St. Louis, and they publish print editions as well as online. With their motto being "Connecting the Community," The Light serves Regenbogen's book well for St. Louis.

The Boys of Brookdale tells of 16 stories from veterans living in a nursing home located in St. Louis. 

To read the review:

The Light

To purchase The Boys of Brookdale:

Sunbury Press Store

sunbury icon white

STL Sports Page interviews Jake Gronsky on “A Short Season”

 Sally Tippett Rains, of STL Sports Page, recently interviewed Jake Gronsky, a former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player, about the book A Short Season. This book, published through Sunbury Press, tells the inspirational story of Josiah Viera, a boy diagnosed with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria.

This interview allows Gronsky to narrate his baseball career and how he met Josiah Viera to then write the beloved book. This book describes Josiah's challenges as well as his hopes as a young child diagnosed with a terminal illness, but with a love for his family and baseball.

To read the article:

Book Chronicles Special Season For A Cardinals Minor League Team


To purchase:

Sunbury Press Store

sunbury icon white

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reviews the Story of World War II Veterans!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is known as the No. 1 St. Louis site for news, sports, and entertainment. Their website offers local breaking news, information, and special reports.

The Boys of Brookdale makes a good fit for their bookshelf of reviews because the nursing home where Joe Regenbogen interviewed the featured Veterans is located in St. Louis. Regenbogen's book tells the story of 16 Veterans, who lived through the Second World War. Levins, the reviewer, comments how people should cherish these 16 stories in Regenbogen's novel since three of the Veterans have unfortunately now passed.

Regenbogen also explained how these Veterans take great pride in knowing their story is being told to others.

To read the review and learn more information on the book:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


To purchase:

Sunbury Press Store



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Brahm Gallagher of "Game of Thrones" plays lead role in "The Cursed Man"

  • Sunbury Press: In September 2014, you came to Sunbury Press bookstore to celebrate the completion of the filming of The Cursed Man and Sunbury Press’ 10th anniversary. Can you tell us what that day was like?

Brahm_headshotBrahm Gallagher: It was an absolute honor to be a part of the 10th Anniversary as well as be able to support Keith at the book signing. Plus the chance to meet the man who wrote The Cursed Man was not an opportunity to be missed! I’m very thankful to Keith for writing a character that spoke to me and who, although was very troubled on the page, is at his heart someone who is trying to do good in the only way that he sees how at this point. It was also amazing to meet the fans who were fans already and hopefully some more that very soon will be.

  • SP: Alister, the lead character in The Cursed Man is a complex character. Can you tell readers how you prepared for such a complex role and managed to capture the essence of the character?

BG: I relied heavily on the book and in turn the script which was basically at its core a transcription of the written novel. I referred to the script countless times, over and over, and looked at hours of footage and interviews with incarcerated killers, both at the time of their arrests and subsequent interviews years later after spending time incarcerated; to find an essence of the isolation that Alister has imparted on himself based of his fear of the curse. What would that time of solitary do to a person? How would shutting out the world manifest itself in one’s being? Alister has chosen a path that only he can walk down till it is interrupted by the good Doctor. Those areas of mental cognizance were where most of my research went but I also wanted to know the feeling of being hungry for release from something so I lost twenty pounds in one month before the start of shooting by only eating baby food. Who would have known I’d be required to maintain that weight loss for nearly 4.5 months?!!? *chuckles*

  • SP: If you had to describe what genre The Cursed Man is and compare it to a more, well-known movie previously released movie or novel, what would that be?

BG: I believe it to be a psychological thriller. The monster affectation was added by our director but I always believed the demons to be in Alister’s mind. As an actor, I can only control the character and try to manipulate the world that I am thrust into, so for me, it was always about the anguish that Alister has lived through and continues to see through his own warped perspective. Looking at the story with that in mind, I can almost see parallels to the Stanford Experiment and to some extent Shutter Island – how the mind is the institution that holds Alister in check and is also his worst enemy.

  • SP: What was the biggest challenge you had bringing Alister to life?

BG: The production schedule was rough. An absolute hard experience to endure. Not just taking into account the sustained loss of weight but the mental toll, and trying to determine which reality Alister was in dependent on what we were shooting that day. It was also made more difficult by the very independent style in which the film was made. We would work flat out for a few days … running … then there would be a break in shooting, sometimes for an undetermined length of time, then we’d have to jump right back in and go full bore again. It went on and on. The struggle of holding onto Alister’s ever loosening grip on “reality” as well as determining what state he was in as timelines shift throughout the story was a real challenge.

  • SP: If there is a message you wanted to convey to the people reading this interview, what would that be?

BG: This film was a truly independent filmmaking endeavor based on a brilliant independently written book that hopefully will spark in the mind of the viewer/reader. There is a place for pieces such as this in our oversaturated, glam-style, pretty consumer society. Sometimes truths that are hidden aren’t also pretty or glamorous and mental trauma in whatever form it manifests is not to be taken lightly and we should be looking for ways to assist those suffering from it instead of ostracizing them for it.

  • SP: We know of something big on the horizon for you. Please tell the reading audience what you are up to and what you have coming in the near future.

BG: I’m not too sure how big it is at the moment but I have filmed a role for a certain show revolving around thrones with the very distinct hope of returning to that far off land again. I’ve also relocated from Los Angeles to the UK where I have had the great fortune to film a role with the BBC for an upcoming Sunday night drama series and also to work in Ireland, albeit briefly. I’m hoping to get back to other areas of Ireland again very soon.

  • SP: Would you recommend to people that they read the novel before or after seeing The Cursed Man Movie?

BG: I think that is a matter of personal taste. As I have no idea of what the finished film is going to be you may get a better understanding of the story from the book but I’d hope that Alister is both as alive to the audience onscreen as he was to me in the book.

  • SP: Without revealing any spoiler, what is your favorite part of The Cursed Man story or concept?

BG: The complete lack of knowing. Knowing what is real, what is not, what is real but only to one specific character at the time. The feeling of needing to know what the outcome will be because you don’t know where you are at the present. That’s a lot of fun in both a film and a book.

  • SP: If people wanted to follow what you’re doing, please let them know where they can keep tabs on you.

BG: Though I’m admittedly not the best at it I am on social media, but only one site. I don’t tweet, or instagram, snapchat, or use any other sites as I’m not sure I’d have the self-restraint not to say exactly what I’m thinking all the time if it was available to me. I believe mystery is still one of an actor’s greatest assets; knowing too much about a person can muddle the lines, eliminate the delineation of characters I play, and steal some of that mystery. Plus I like to keep people guessing, it’s my job.

About the Premiere:
World Premiere of THE CURSED MAN movie – Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA. Halloween Night October 31, 2016 – 7pm to 11pm – Party before and after. This may be the greatest movie premiere on Halloween Night in the History of the Alex Theatre.  For more information about the venue, please see:

tcm_fc newAbout the Book:
Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him.  A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death’s preferential treatment.

But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman.

About the Author:
Keith Rommel is an award-winning author of ten novels and is an award-winning screenwriter. His writing has been called, “Horror for the curious mind.” His first two novels, The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man are at various stages of production to become motion pictures. 2016.

The Cursed Man
Authored by Keith Rommel
List Price: $14.95
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
222 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620063682
ISBN-10: 1620063689
BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers

About The Cursed Man Movie (2016):

MV5BMTQzNDYxNjkyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDE2MDUxMjE@._V1_UY268_CR6,0,182,268_AL_Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

Director: James L. Perry

Stars: Brahm Gallagher, Brinna LockeMaritza Brikisak

The special edition movie premiere cover are only available through October.
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