Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I want to write a review of one of your books. How do I get a review copy?

If you represent a major publication or media outlet, and wish to review one or more of our books, please contact us for complimentary review copies at

I am interested in discussing foreign rights with you regarding one or more of your titles. Who do I contact?

If you are an agent or foreign publisher wishing to publish one or more of our books in a language other than English or a country other than the USA, please contact us at

I submitted a manuscript to you a few months ago. How will I know if it has been accepted? 

Our review process can take up to six months. Depending on the category, things may move faster or slower, as we adjust to market demands. We always take the time to notify authors either way, so expect notification — eventually.

Can I drop by and see the books being printed?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Our books are printed as close to the end customer as often as possible. All books sold in the USA are printed in the USA. Our books sold in the UK are printed in the UK, etc.

I am an author looking for a publisher. What do you charge to publish?

We are not a vanity press. We are a traditional, royalty-paying, publisher. We do not charge fees to publish.