8 Captivating Nonfiction Books About Frontier Pennsylvania

John Moore's Books about Frontier Pennsylvania

About the series

Return to the days of black powder, of trappers, and of mountainmen in the Frontier Pennsylvania book series. Roam the woods with natives as you discover what it was like living in Pennsylvania during the frontier days.

This eight-book nonfiction series contains true stories of real people caught up in the struggles that took place along the PA frontier throughout the 1700s.

Using journals, letters, official reports, and first-person accounts, John Moore's frontier PA series is your go-to account for entertaining and informative tales of the time.

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Encounter real-life experiences and stories along the PA frontier with books like:

This is the cover of bows, bullets, and bears by John L. Moore

About the book

Rough-and-tumble frontier trader uses sharp business practices to get the job done, but he antagonizes one too many Indians along the way.

In this book, find out what happens when he enters the woods and never comes out--and many more stories from the PA frontier.

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About the book

Captain Patrick Work leads troops up Peters Mountain (north of present-day Harrisburg) where he finds a group of Indians around a fire.

Captain Work and his party approach the group, thinking they're friends, until the Indians start firing. Learn this story and more in Forts, Forests, and Flintlocks.

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Praise for the Frontier Pennsylvania Series:

"...overall about a lost world of encounters in the forest between the colonial Americans and the Iroquis. It's a world worth visiting."

-- Robert B. Swift, author of The Mid-Appalachian Frontier

"For those looking for a relaxing evening with a good read and a strong cup of tea, I recommend picking up Bows, Bullets & Bears. You'll be glad to peruse the lives of old and hear about the adventures that not only entertain, but did actually happen.
--Catherine Felegi, writer and editor

About the Author

This is an author photo of John L. Moore, also known as Susquehanna Jack

A veteran newspaperman, John L. Moore has a journalist eye for detail and ear for quotes in order to write books of long-dead people in a lively way.

Also a professional storyteller known as "Susquehanna Jack," a frontier ruffian, his 45-year storytelling career includes The Wall Street Journal, The Sentinel at Lewistown, and more.

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Since we know you can't get enough books about frontier Pennsylvania, you can get all eight books from John L. Moore's series for a discounted price here.

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