"Mary Sachs: Merchant Princess" is the top Sunbury bestseller for November

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for November, 2015. Barbara Trainin Blank took the top spot with her biography Mary Sachs: Merchant Princess. Steve Troutman’s The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle … took the #2 spot.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for November, 2015 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 NEW Mary Sachs: Merchant Princess Barbara Trainin Blank Biography
2 The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Upper Mahantongo Valley Steve Troutman History
3 17 A Pennsylvania Mennonite and the California Gold Rush Lawrence Knorr History
4 The Trevorton, Mahanoy and Susquehanna Railroad Steve Troutman History
5 NEW Darkness at First Light J M West Detective Thriller
6 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair War Memoir
7 14 The B Team Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
8 5 Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith Historical Fiction
9 22 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History
10 Geology of the Mahanoy, Mahantongo and Lykens Valleys Steve Troutman Earth History
11 The Closer Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
12 7 Rising Hope Marie Sontag YA Fiction
13 3 The Bronze Dagger Marie Sontag YA Fiction
14 30 That Night at Surigao Ernie Marshall History
15 5 The Alabaster Jar Marie Sontag YA Fiction
16 NEW Murder in Tuxedo Park William Lemanski Detective Thriller
17 19 Raising Monarchs Sue Fox McGovern Nature
18 1 The Keeper of the Crows Kyle Alexander Romines Thriller Fiction
19 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
20 8 The Segregated Georgia School for the Deaf Ron Knorr & Clemmie Whatley History
21 25 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last Mike Campbell History
22 The Descendants of Johann Peter Klinger and Catharina Steinbruch Max Klinger Genealogy
23 Bows, Bullets, and Bears John Moore History
24 Dying for Vengeances J M West Detective Thriller
25 There is Something About Rough and Ready Lawrence Knorr, et al History
26 6 Capital Murder Chris Papst Investigation
27 Tulpehocken Trail Traces Steve Troutman History
28 Lost in the Shadow of Fame William Lemanski Biography
29 Cannons, Cattle, and Campfires John Moore History
30 Traders, Travelers, and Tomahawks John Moore History

Sunbury Press had its second-worst month of the year in November. Sales were down 27% from last November. “After the terror attacks in Paris on the 13th, there was a two-week lull in sales,” explained Sunbury Press CEO, Lawrence Knorr. Overall, sales are still up 72% compared to last year.

msmp_fcBarbara Blank’s biography “Mary Sachs” took the top spot thanks to events in Mary’s native Harrisburg. Steve Troutman took four spots in the top 30 with “The Penn’s Manor” (#2), “The Trevorton, Mahanoy, and Susquehanna Railroad” (#4), “Geology of the Mahanoy …” (#6), and Tulpehocken Trail Traces (#27). Steve has increased his speaking engagements. Lawrence Knorr’s “A Pennsylvania Mennonite and the California Gold Rush” moved up to 3rd due to orders from Gold Rush country. Knorr also took #25 with “There is Something About Rough and Ready” due to Troutman’s activities. J. M. West’s new mystery “Darkness at First Light” debuted at #5. It’s prequel, “Dying for Vengeance,” charted at #24. Ms. West has been making appearances in the Carlisle area. Joe Fair’s Vietnam memor, “Call Sign Dracula,” returned to the charts at #6 thanks to author activities. Alan Mindell took lucky #7 and #11 with his two novels — “The B Team” and “The Closer.” Alan continues to have success on the speaking circuit in the San Diego area. “Where Elephants Fought,” the historical Civil War novel by Mississippian Bridget Smith held at #8 due to author appearances. Tony Julian’s “Pit Bulls” was #9, as it was a popular Christmas gift at online stores. Marie Sontag grabbed 3 spots with her YA novels: “Rising Hope” (#12), “The Bronze Dagger” (#13), and “The Alabaster Jar (#15). Marie continues her tour of schools in the San Jose area. Ernie Marshall’s “That Night at Surigao” moved up to #14 thanks to steady interest among naval historians. William Lemanski nabbed two spots with his new historical detective thriller “Murder in Tuxedo Park” (#16), and his biography of Kermit Roosevelt “Lost in the Shadow of Fame” (#28). Lemanski has been making appearances in and about Tuxedo Park, NY. “Raising Monarchs” by Sue Fox McGovern held steady at #17 due to continued interest in the declining butterfly population. Kyle Alexander Romine’s “Keeper of the Crows” slipped from the top spot to #18, following the Halloween period. “The Sign of the Eagle” by Jess Steven Hughes climbed back to #19, as the author continued his tours of the Northwest. Ron Knorr and Clemmie Whatley’s history “The Segregated Georgia School for the Deaf” continued to chart at #20 due to interest in the subject matter. Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last” continued its steady sales at #21. “The Descendants of Johann Peter Klinger and Catharina Steinbruch” by Max Klinger returned to the chart at #22 thanks to Steve Troutman’s activities. John Moore grabbed three spots with three of his eight “Frontier Pennsylvania Series” titles: “Bows, Bullets, and Bears” (#23), “Cannons, Cattle, and Campfires” (#29), and “Traders, Travelers, and Tomahawks” (#30). Chris Papst’s “Capital Murder” slide to #26, as interest in the Harrisburg mayoral scandal wanes in favor of the PA State Attorney General scandal.

The company released four new titles during the month of November.

SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for November, 2015
Mary Sachs: Merchant Princess Barbara Trainin Blank Biography
Darkness at First Light J M West Detective Thriller
Murder in Tuxedo Park William Lemanski Detective Thriller
Tough Decisions for Young Women Robin Reed Self-Help

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