Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling eBooks of July 2020

Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling eBooks of July 2020

In 2020, people have read a whole lot of digital books. So let's celebrate bestselling eBooks from July, shall we?

We take pride in our books. We love each one we publish, whether it's a bestseller or a book that simply helps one reader transform and grow. There's something special to find in each one, and so whenever we finish a month, we like to sit back and see just how many readers were able to find our books during the past thirty days.

And spoiler alert--July 2020 was an awesome month for reading. Both new books and older books reached the top five in their categories. Before we get into the top 100 books sold, check out these literary superstars who reached the top five eBooks in both fiction and nonfiction.


Graphic of Sunbury Press Bestsellers in eBook for nonfiction

Congratulations to our top five bestselling eBooks in nonfiction!

  1. The 1932 New York Yankees: The Story of a Legendary Team, a Remarkable Season, and a Wild World Series by Ronald Mayer
  2. Last Ride of the Iron Horse: How Lou Gehrig Fought ALS to Play One Final Championship Season by Dan Joseph
  3. The Reluctant RV Wife by Gerri Almand
  4. Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last by Mike Campbell
  5. Call Sign Dracula by Joe Fair


this graphic is of the best selling fiction print books from sunbury press in july 2020

Congratulations to our top five bestselling eBooks in fiction!

  1. Bottom Feeders by Jerry Roth
  2. Wolf by Chris Fenwick
  3. Fae by Chris Fenwick
  4. The Whispers of the Crows by Kyle Alexander Holmes
  5. The Vatican's Vault by Barry Libin

Top 100 Bestselling eBooks from Sunbury Press in July 2020

# Author - Title Imprint
1 Ronald Mayer – The 1932 New York Yankees Sunbury Press
2 Dan Joseph -- Last Ride of the Iron Horse Sunbury Press
3 Gerri Almand – The Reluctant RV Wife Brown Posey Press
4 Jerry Roth -- Bottom Feeders Hellbender Books
5 Mike Campbell – Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last (2 ed) Sunbury Press
6 Joe Fair – Call Sign Dracula Sunbury Press
7 Lawrence Knorr, et al -- After the Pandemic Sunbury Press
8 Chris Fenwick -- Human Hellbender Books
9 Joe Fair – Call Sign Dracula (Audio) Sunbury Press
10 Chris Fenwick – Wolf Hellbender Books
11 Chris Fenwick -- Fae Hellbender Books
12 Jessica Weible -- Dead Letters Sunbury Press
13 William Cook -- Collision Course Sunbury Press
14 Oxana Lapchuk -- The Journalist Sunbury Press
15 Linda Schwab -- Displaced Sunbury Press
16 Doug Beed – Chasing Understanding in the Jungles of Vietnam - (Audio) Sunbury Press
17 William Cook -- The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Sunbury Press
18 Kyle Alexander Romines -- The Whispers of the Crows Hellbender Books
19 Michele Livingston – Living in the Afterlife Ars Metaphysica
20 Barry Libin – The Vatican's Vault Milford House Press
21 Tom Copeland -- My War and Welcome to It Sunbury Press
22 Keith Rommel – The Devil Tree (Audio) Hellbender Books
23 Karim El Koussa – Jesus the Phoenician Ars Metaphysica
24 Cynthia & W J Royce -- The Road to Villa Page Sunbury Press
25 Jane Austen -- Catharine or the Bower Brown Posey Press
26 Kyle Alexander Romines – The Keeper of the Crows Hellbender Books
27 Anna-Karin Björklund -- Dream and Believe: The Celestial Art of Creating in Soul Alignment Ars Metaphysica
28 John Cressler – Emeralds of the Alhambra Milford House Press
29 Doug Beed – Chasing Understanding in the Jungles of Vietnam Sunbury Press
30 Brandon Musgrave – Hour 30 Sunbury Press
31 Jason Altmire – Dead Center Sunbury Press
32 Peter Gibbs -- Murder at Henrys Fork Milford House Press
33 John Cressler – Fortune's Lament Milford House Press
34 Jeffrey Geiger – German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, California Sunbury Press
35 Marlin Bressi -- Pennsylvania Oddities Volume 2 Sunbury Press
36 John L Moore -- Bows, Bullets, and Bears Sunbury Press
37 Charles Kniffen – Fifty Years in a Fox Hole Sunbury Press
38 J A Walsh – Purpose of Evasion Milford House Press
39 Carol Vento – The Hidden Legacy of World War II Sunbury Press
40 John Cressler – Shadows in the Shining City Milford House Press
41 Larry Loebell -- Tough Girl in the Jam Brown Posey Press
42 Idle Minds -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 1 Sunbury Press
43 William Lemanski – Lost in the Shadow of Fame Sunbury Press
44 Sharon Marchisello -- Secrets of the Galapagos Milford House Press
45 Idle Minds -- Pennsylvania Patriots Sunbury Press
46 Karim El Koussa – Pythagoras the Mathemagician Ars Metaphysica
47 John L Moore -- Pioneers, Prisoners, and Peacepipes Sunbury Press
48 Mark Pendergrast – The Most Hated Man in America Sunbury Press
49 Lawrence Knorr – Gettysburg Eddie Sunbury Press
50 John L Moore -- Forts, Forests, and Flintlocks Sunbury Press
51 Captain Hooter – Captain Hooter's Connoisseur's Guide to Amsterdam Co... Sunbury Press
52 John L Moore -- Cannons, Cattle, and Campfires Sunbury Press
53 John L Moore -- Scorched Earth Sunbury Press
54 Scott Hendrix -- Gods, Philosophers, and Scientists Sunbury Press
55 Ben Myers -- American Citizen Sunbury Press
56 John L Moore -- Settlers, Soldiers, and Scalps Sunbury Press
57 Helga Rist -- The Blood Letter Sunbury Press
58 Cheryl Brooks – Chicken Bone Beach Sunbury Press
59 Jeff Pappas -- Ponies West Sunbury Press
60 Paula Tucker – Surviving: A Kent State Memoir.. Sunbury Press
61 John L Moore -- Traders, Travelers, and Tomahawks Sunbury Press
62 Catherine DePino -- Help Yourself Every Day: Thirty Magical Meditatio... Ars Metaphysica
63 John L Moore -- Warriors, Wampum, and Wolves Sunbury Press
64 Joe Regenbogen – Making a Difference Oxford Southern
65 Marlin Bressi – Pennsylvania Oddities Sunbury Press
66 John L Moore -- Rivers, Raiders, and Renegades Sunbury Press
67 Wendy Webb -- The Eye of the Gargoyle Milford House Press
68 William & Amy Blocher -- Holocaust's Child Sunbury Press
69 Michael Hawley – Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety Sunbury Press
70 Milo Thornberry – Fireproof Moth Sunbury Press
71 Mark Carlson – The Marines' Lost Squadron: The Odyssey of VMF-422 Sunbury Press
72 Kristen Cunnane – Undoing Jane Doe Sunbury Press
73 Keith Rommel – Ice Canyon Monster (Audio) Hellbender Books
74 Glenn Schwartz -- The Weathermaker Milford House Press
75 Gronsky & Bohner – A Short Season Sunbury Press
76 Steven Wagner – Seinsoth Sunbury Press
77 Edward Hocker -- The Fighting Parson of the American Revolution Sunbury Press
78 John Micek – Ordinary Angels Milford House Press
79 Robert Hecker -- Rush to Glory Milford House Press
80 JB Toner – Whisper Music Hellbender Books
81 John Timmerman – Lowlife Milford House Press
82 Joe Harvey -- If We're Really Quiet, It Won't Find Us Milford House Press
83 PJ Piccirillo – The Indigo Scarf Brown Posey Press
84 Jim Remsen – Visions of Teaoga Milford House Press
85 Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Autumn Milford House Press
86 Ossont & Dampf -- The Ghosts of Saratoga Milford House Press
87 Iris Dorbian – Sentenced to Shakespeare Milford House Press
88 Dennis Herrick – Winter of the Metal People Milford House Press
89 Keith Rommel – The Cursed Man (Audio) Milford House Press
90 Tess Rutjens – Stalked by a Demon Ars Metaphysica
91 John Rayburn -- The Remarkable Big Band Era Sunbury Press
92 Bridget Smith – Where Elephants Fought Milford House Press
93 Alan Craven – Till We Have Built Jerusalem Milford House Press
94 Nancy Williams -- Pig Hellbender Books
95 John Rayburn -- A Personal Journey Through the World of Sports Sunbury Press
96 Mark Mitten – Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave Milford House Press
97 Keith Rommel – The Devil Tree II: The Calling Hellbender Books
98 Jim Dohren -- Windy City Stories Brown Posey Press
99 Donald Dewey – Mosquitoes and Tortoises Sunbury Press
100 Susan Daigneault – In the Shadow of a Mountain Sunbury Press

Thank you for checking out our Sunbury Press bestselling print books from July 2020! If you liked what you read, please check out our recent blog post "Sunbury Press Authors Discuss Their Favorite Bookstores in the US," or purchase some bestsellers from our virtual bookstore.

The Rise and Fall of eBooks – What’s Next For 21st Century Publishing?

by Emma Crosby

2012-12-11_ebookThere’s no denying the power of a good book, whether it’s in traditional print or digital format, and new tales are constantly being woven that continue to make the move to the big and little screens. However, the initial boom of eBooks looks to be coming to an end, with eBook sales taking a severe hit in recent years. This has caused some large print retailers, such as Waterstones in the UK, to claim that the print form is set to make a comeback. Whether the digital marketplace really is dead for books could be more complicated than it seems, and there are a number of reasons that could account for the lull in popularity over the last few years. The fact is that the written word is becoming increasingly digital, whether it appears in the form of creative literary works or marketing material, with ever increasing access to mobile internet and portable digital devices, we are all far more likely to be reading from digital sources. It could be the latest book in the Game of Thrones series, or some content produced by web copywriting agencies, and it perhaps this ongoing reliance and preference for the digital format that makes the drop in eBook sales so puzzling.


eBook Facts and Trends

nookbutton3In order to put things in perspective, it’s perhaps important to remember that eBooks have been through a bad patch before. Since their initial appearance in the late 1990s, eBooks were initially slow to be accepted. While a few big name authors, such as Stephen King, were quick to embrace the new format, technology limitations at the time made reading an eBook a generally unpleasant experience, with many of the early devices developed exclusively for eBooks causing eye strain and headaches as a result of bright screens and poor letter visibility. However, as the technology became better, the demand increased. The release of the first Amazon Kindles met with great success, and spurned on a huge growth in eBook sales. Understandably, a number of publishers were quick to get involved as well, leading to eBooks being distributed by a number of major publishing houses and book retailers. Furthermore, the Apple iPad, and accompanying tablets that hit the market, helped to increase the popularity and convenience of eBooks even more.


Two Sides of the Coin

kindle-img.1While there is concern over the recent plummet in sales figures, it’s not necessarily all bad news. To begin with, many thought that the previous triple figure growth was not sustainable, and bound to come to an end sooner or later. Additionally, many in the sector see the slow down as a good sign, or at the very least a mixed blessing to some extent. The slow down in eBooks sales has for example, also slowed down the decline of print sales, which is good news for both traditional book shops and publishers heavily invested in print. Additionally, a large proportion of the growth last year is thought to be down to big blockbuster books, such as Fifty Shades of Grey, and The Hunger Games. There were no titles that claimed this level of popularity in the intervening time period. Secondly, while tablet sales have been going through the roof, research has shown that tablet users are much less likely to buy eBooks than those that purchase dedicated eBook readers, such as the Kindle. Analysts also point to the fact that everyone in the industry is likely to be much happier with a more stable, cross format marketplace in the future, and that eBook sales are likely to remain much lower than before for a few more years. That said, it certainly looks like the eBook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and will simply be another possible choice for the reader. Finally, the fact that just over 30% of all eBook revenue was generated by indie and self publishing authors is a sign that the eBook will certainly continue to be a favourite platform for writers to showcase and sell their work. Overall then, while the sudden drop in sales may be a shock, it doesn’t necessarily translate into bad news for the eBook, or the book world in general. In fact, we are likely to see not only a return to print in the future, but a much more stable marketplace in general, while eBooks continue to be a great platform for up and coming writers.