Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling Print Books of August 2020

Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling Print Books of August 2020

August 2020 has come and gone. And you know what that means? It's time to celebrate our bestsellers!

We have published over 700 books. Not bad, right? Going strong since 2004, we have always prided ourselves in our ability to find, publish, and promote the highest-quality books we can find. Since it's easy to get lost in the workflow, we like to step back at the end of every month to celebrate just how many readers were able to find our books during a 30-day period.

And August 2020 did NOT let us down. Both new books and older books reached the top five in their categories. Before we get into the top 100 books sold, check out these superstars who reached the top five print books in both fiction and nonfiction.


August 2020 Bestsellers for Sunbury Press, nonfiction paperback

Congratulations to our top five bestselling print books in nonfiction!

  1. Why vs. What: One Man's Spiritual Journey Through Tragedy by Embracing God's Planby Ron Reitz
  2. The Chubbs: A Free Black Family's Journey from the Antebellum Era to the Mid-1900s by Dr. Clemmie Whatley
  3. Still Left Out in America: The State of Homelessness in the United States by Pat Lamarche
  4. Dead Letters: Delivering Unopened Mail in a Pennsylvania Ghost Town by Jessica Weible
  5. Last Ride of the Iron Horse: by Dan Joseph


Sunbury Press Bestsellers fiction august 2020 paperback

Congratulations to our top five bestselling print books in fiction!

  1. My Christmas Attic by Dennis M. Clausen
  2. Lost in the Cogan by R.E. Miller
  3. Magic Diary by Pat LaMarche
  4. Hope and Glory (Planet Jesus Trilogy, Book Three) by Douglas Brode & Shaun L. Brode
  5. Body and Soul (Planet Jesus Trilogy, Book Two) by Douglas Brode & Shaun L. Brode

Top 100 Bestselling Print Books from Sunbury Press in August 2020

# - Author - Title (Imprint)

1. Ron Reitz -- Why vs. What (Sunbury Press)
2. Northern Appalachia Review Volume 1 (Catamount Press)
3. Clemmie Whatley -- The Chubbs (Oxford Southern)
4. Pat LaMarche -- Still Left Out in America (Oxford Southern)
5. Jessica Weible -- Dead Letters (Sunbury Press)
6. Dan Joseph – Last Ride of the Iron Horse (Sunbury Press)
7. Victor Hart -- Crossing with the Clarks (Sunbury Press)
8. Dennis Clausen – My Christmas Attic (Milford House Press)
9. Robert Miller -- Lost in the Cogan (Milford House Press)
10. Jason Altmire – Dead Center – (Sunbury Press)
11. Knorr, et al -- After the Pandemic (Sunbury Press)
12. Michele Livingston – Living in the Afterlife (Ars Metaphysica)
13. Sheldon Munn – Freemasons at Gettysburg (Sunbury Press)
14. Mike Campbell – Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last (2 ed) (Sunbury Press)
15. Farrell, Farley, & Knorr – Pennsylvania Patriots (Sunbury Press)
16. Knorr & Whatley – The Segregated Georgia School for the Deaf (Sunbury Press)
17. Helga Rist -- The Blood Letter (Sunbury Press)
18. Anna-Karin Björklund -- Dream and Believe: The Celestial Art of Cr... (Ars Metaphysica)
19. Pat LaMarche – Magic Diary (Milford House Press)
20. Douglas Brode -- Planet Jesus Trilogy: Book Three: Hope & Glory (Ars Metaphysica)
21. Sue McGovern – Raising Monarchs (Sunbury Press)
22. Michael Hawley – Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety (Sunbury Press)
23. Doug Brode – Planet Jesus v1: Flesh & Blood (Ars Metaphysica)
24. George Donehoo – Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania (Sunbury Press)
25. Jeff Pappas -- Ponies West (Sunbury Press)
26. Oxana Lapchuk – The Journalist (Sunbury Press)
27. Gratz Historical Society – History of Lykens Township Volume 2 (Sunbury Press)
28. Lawrence Knorr – Gettysburg Eddie (Sunbury Press)
29. Joe Regenbogen – The Boys of Brookdale (Sunbury Press)
30. Karim El Koussa – Jesus the Phoenician (Ars Metaphysica)
31. James Dohren -- Windy City Stories (Sunbury Press)
32. Michael Hawley – The Ripper's Haunts (Sunbury Press)
33. Gerri Almand – The Reluctant RV Wife (Brown Posey Press)
34. Barbara Mancini -- Cruel Death, Heartless Aftermath (Sunbury Press)
35. Ronald Mayer – The 1932 New York Yankees (Sunbury Press)
36. William Marcum – The Foreman's Boys (Sunbury Press)
37. Linda Schwab -- Displaced (Sunbury Press)
38. Captain Hooter – Captain Hooter's Connoisseur's Guide to Amsterdam...(Sunbury Press)
39. Marlin Bressi -- Pennsylvania Oddities vol 2 (Sunbury Press)
40. Doug Brode – Planet Jesus v2: Body and Soul (Ars Metaphysica)
41. Arthur Hoyle -- Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits (Sunbury Press)
42. Pamela Bakker -- McDowell's Mill Fort in Markes, Pennsylvania, 175...(Sunbury Press)
43. Cheryl Brooks – Chicken Bone Beach (Sunbury Press)
44. John L Moore -- Murder at Killbuck Island (Sunbury Press)
45. Arthur Graeff – Conrad Weiser: Pennsylvania Peacemaker (Distelfink Press)
46. Kyle Romines -- The Whispers of the Crows (Hellbender Books)
47. John L Moore -- Against the Ice (Sunbury Press)
48. Jon Hochschartner – Ingrid Newkirk: A Biography of PETA's Founder (Sunbury Press)
49. Farrell & Farley -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 2 (Sunbury Press)
50. Wynne Kinder -- Mindful Moods, 2nd Edition: A Mindful, Social Emot...(Oxford Southern)
51. Farrell & Farley -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 3 (Sunbury Press)
52. Mark Singel – The Life and Loves of Thaddeus Stevens (Sunbury Press)
53. John L Moore – 1780: Year of Revenge (Sunbury Press)
54. Gronsky & Bohner – A Short Season (Sunbury Press)
55. Heather Paterno – H is for Hershey (Speckled Egg Press)
56. Terry Ray – The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Or... (Ars Metaphysica)
57. Farrell & Farley – Keystone Tombstones Gettysburg (Sunbury Press)
58. Farrell & Farley -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 1 (2 ed) (Sunbury Press)
59. John Hochschartner -- Puppy Killer, Leave Town (Sunbury Press)
60. Jeffrey Geiger – German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, California (Sunbury Press)
61. Mark Mitten – Breck's Quandary (Milford House Press)
62. Anthony Julian -- Vintage Photographs of Pit Bulls (Sunbury Press)
63. Joe Harvey -- Summer Changes Everything (Milford House Press)
64. Cynthia & William Royce -- The Road to Villa Page (Sunbury Press)
65. John L Moore – Warriors, Wampum, and Wolves (Sunbury Press)
66. Scott Zuckerman – Dreams of My Comrades (Sunbury Press)
67. John Lindermuth – Digging Dusky Diamonds (Sunbury Press)
68. Michelle Hoffer – The ABCs of Narcissism (Ars Metaphysica)
69. Joe Fair – Call Sign Dracula (Sunbury Press)
70. Wynne Kinder -- Mindful Choices (Oxford Southern)
71. Mark Carlson – The Marines' Lost Squadron: The Odyssey of VMF-422 (Sunbury Press)
72. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Autumn (Milford House Press)
73. Marlin Bressi – Pennsylvania Oddities (Sunbury Press)
74. Diane McCormick – Well-Behaved Taverns Seldom Make History (Sunbury Press)
75. Guy Graybill – Prohibition's Prince (Sunbury Press)
76. Benjamin Myers – American Citizen (Sunbury Press)
77. Edward Hocker -- The Fighting Parson of the American Revolution (Sunbury Press)
78. John L Moore – Tories, Terror, and Tea (Sunbury Press)
79. Barbara Workinger – Plain & Deadly (Milford House Press)
80. Joan West – Things Strangled (Milford House Press)
81. Farrell & Farley – Keystone Tombstones Civil War (Sunbury Press)
82. Farrell, Farley, and Knorr -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 4 (Sunbury Press)
83. Brad Bumsted – Keystone Corruption Continues (Sunbury Press)
84. Donald Dewey -- Franchisement (Milford House Press)
85. Jason Altmire – Dead Center (Sunbury Press)
86. Karim El Koussa – Jesus the Phoenician (Ars Metaphysica)
87. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Spring (Milford House Press)
88. Jeffrey Geiger -- German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, Californi... (Sunbury Press)
89. Darla Henry – The 3-5-7 Model: A Practice Approach to Permanency (Sunbury Press)
90. Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks -- Golden Beauty Boss (Sunbury Press)
91. John L Moore – Scorched Earth: General Sullivan and the Senecas (Sunbury Press)
92. William Cook – Collision Course (Sunbury Press)
93. William Lemanski – Lost in the Shadow of Fame (2 ed) (Sunbury Press)
94. Keith Rommel – The Devil Tree (Sunbury Press)
95. Kelly Park -- Just Like Me (Sunbury Press)
96. Wendy Webb -- The Eye of the Gargoyle (Milford House Press)
97. Joe Harvey -- If We’re Really Quiet, It Won’t Find Us (Milford House Press)
98. Joe Farley – Trumpet Call to Victory (Sunbury Press)
99. J G Hohman – Der Lange Verborgene Freund: The Original German Vers...(Distelfink Press)
100. Dennis Clausen – The Sins of Rachel Sims (Milford House Press)

Thank you for checking out our Sunbury Press bestselling print books from August 2020! If you liked what you read, please check out our recent blog post "Sunbury Press Authors Discuss Their Favorite Bookstores in the US," or purchase some bestsellers from our virtual bookstore.

It Started with a Dream: How Oxana Lapchuk Wrote The Journalist, a Holocaust Story

It Started with a Dream: How Oxana Lapchuk Wrote The Journalist, a Holocaust Story

Welcome to the second installment of the Sunbury Press author journey series!

In every book, there's a story. And not just the one between its pages.

Every author has a different journey for how they ended up with the incredible book that landed in our inbox. Sure, we loved the book that they sent to us--enough to publish it and share with you all--but we wanted to know what it took for them to write that book, what drove them toward publication, and to get to know them better as artists.

And instead of keeping those answers to ourselves, we thought--to hell with it, let's share it with YOU.

We are thrilled to continue this new author-centric series with the inspirational Oxana Lapchuk, author of The Journalist: A Holocaust Story.

"It Started with a Dream"

by Oxana Lapchuk

Oxana Lapchuk author journey

My book journey started ten years ago on May 5, 2010 when I dreamed that I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. The baby was chunky and laughed profusely. While I knew I wouldn’t be having a baby, I did know that God was speaking to me in a different way; instead, he was telling me that I'd bring something new into the world. To me, that meant it was finally time to write a book about the story that meant the most to me: my father’s holocaust experiences.

Now, this happened right around the time that I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Thanks to the dream, I had newfound confidence that I would beat it and that my book-baby would become a reality. I needed to focus on it, not the cancer. I had surgery shortly after the dream, cutting out the need for chemo or radiation and giving me inspiration to get to work.

But when I focused my attention toward the book, I found that there were many challenges to getting it written.

First and foremost, my father had died 20 years earlier. I had to recall my conversations with him about his experiences and dig through his records and documents (he was a journalist) to try to piece it all together. I found some old photos that shed some light on his timeline and was able to get a clearer picture. However, I knew it wasn’t enough; I needed to go to the actual concentration camps to get further clarification.

In 2018, a friend of mine connected me to a German teacher who focused on the Holocaust. I spoke to her about my father’s history in Buchenwald and working in the underground tunnels of the Dora-Mittlebau complex. She helped me locate someone at the Buchenwald Memorial who was able to gather even more documents about his personal information while he was at the camps.

I made arrangements with her to pick us up at the train station in Nordhausen, Germany and to take us to the underground tunnels in Dora-Mittlebau. They only opened the tunnels in 2006 so we were able to take a tour and see for ourselves the horrible working conditions that the prisoners had to endure.

Then she drove us to Buchenwald—about an hour away. We met with the head of the Memorial Archives and she had all the documents ready for me. We spent an hour going over everything, and I realized that some of my information was not accurate.

So I had to make some revisions as to my father’s timeline while in the different camps. The most amazing experience for me was when they took me to the actual spot where my father slept in the barracks in the “Little Camp.” It was block 63. I stood on that grassy spot where there was once a building. It was as if I was walking in his footsteps and reliving some of his experiences.  I couldn’t believe it.

When I went back to the states, I immediately started rewriting to make it as accurate as possible. At the time I was thinking I might self-publish it, but I wasn’t young anymore and didn’t have the time or the finances to go through that whole process. I had been a member of the Florida Writers Association and found out they were having a conference in October 2018 near my city.  So, I went.

At the conference, I made an appointment to meet with Lawrence Knorr of Sunbury Press, Inc. To my surprise, he was actually interested in publishing it! And one year later, my book (and my father's story) was published.

Some amazing things have happened since it got published. I was able to reconnect with friends that I hadn’t been in touch with for 45 years. I was able to reconnect with an old roommate. But the most amazing connection was with a woman whose father is in several chapters of the book. His name was Stefan, and he was arrested along with my father and spent some time with him in two of the camps. They were in Buchenwald together and my father’s prisoner number was 25362 (adds up to 18) which in the Hebrew means “life” and her father’s number was 25363.

She lives in Idaho and had done a lot of research about her father and had also been trying to locate my father as well.  When she found my book on the internet, she was amazed and told me the book filled in a lot of gaps for her. Her father had died in 1998, and before the war was studying to be a priest in Lviv, Ukraine. Our fathers never reconnected after the war once they moved to the states.

Writing and researching this book has been an amazing journey and has opened up a lot of doors for me. I’ll even be doing an event at the local holocaust center here in my town in the fall, and the local paper has written an article about me and the book. My old alma mater even has two of my books in their libraries!

I’m excited about where else the wind will take this book, especially if it can get out to those who need it. One of the reasons for writing it was to give hope to many people out there who are facing challenging situations. I believe they’ll find help in the principles my father practiced that enabled him to overcome and triumph in the midst of his adverse circumstances.

About the Author

This is an author photo of Oxana Lapchuk, author of the journalist a holocaust story

Oxana Lapchuk was born in New York, New York the same year her father emigrated to the United States. A lifelong student of Ukrainian history and culture, she has worked as an interpreter in Ukraine and Israel and now lives in Florida. This is her first book.

Praise for The Journalist: A Holocaust Story

Buy the Book

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury Store

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Sales

One of the most disappointing aspects of the eBook collapse is the lost opportunities for fiction. For some years, fiction has performed better as eBooks, supplanting mass (pulp) fiction. In the past I mentioned we published 60% fiction but 60% of our sales were nonfiction. As we shifted to a 50/50 split, you would expect sales to shift to 70/30 in favor of nonfiction. Instead, it is more like 80/20.
Yes, in recent months it seems 9 out of 10 print books we sell are nonfiction. The eBooks tend to split about 50/50. Above left is the pie chart by imprint. Sunbury Press is nonfiction as is most of Ars Metaphysica. A smaller portion of Brown Posey Press falls into this category as well. All told it is 80% plus for nonfiction.
While we have seen a strong interest in the Ars Metaphysica imprint and continued growth for the Sunbury Press imprint, Milford House and Hellbender Books have lagged. Brown Posey Press is the only good story for fiction in recent months. This brings to mind some questions:
1) Has our segmentation strategy further hurt fiction sales? In other words, were our fiction authors actually benefiting from being tagged with the Sunbury Press logo?
2) Or, is it a sorting of perceived quality? The literary fiction is doing better than it ever has with its own imprint, but the murder mysteries and horror have not.
3) Or, is it the brands themselves? Perhaps Brown Posey Press and Ars Metaphysica better identify with their target markets than Milford House or Hellbender.
4) Or, maybe we haven’t marketed the brands enough. It took quite a while for the International Thriller Writers to actually recognize the new imprints (Milford House and Hellbender Books). The others had no such restrictions.
More food for thought while chewing on your turkey! One last thing I will mention is the positive response received from independent bookstores for the Brown Posey Press email that went out to them. Maybe more direct email with the other imprints will help. And, we definitely need to leverage the Lurk character (below) for Hellbender Books a lot more!

The St. Louis Jewish Light newspaper recognizes veterans’ stories

he St. Louis Jewish Light newspaper about Joe Regenbogen's nonfiction book, The Boys of Brookdale.

The St. Louis Jewish Light inspires their local community with their news and information. They are the award-winning newspaper of the Jewish community for St. Louis, and they publish print editions as well as online. With their motto being "Connecting the Community," The Light serves Regenbogen's book well for St. Louis.

The Boys of Brookdale tells of 16 stories from veterans living in a nursing home located in St. Louis. 

To read the review:

The Light

To purchase The Boys of Brookdale:

Sunbury Press Store


sunbury icon white

STL Sports Page interviews Jake Gronsky on “A Short Season”

 Sally Tippett Rains, of STL Sports Page, recently interviewed Jake Gronsky, a former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player, about the book A Short Season. This book, published through Sunbury Press, tells the inspirational story of Josiah Viera, a boy diagnosed with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria.

This interview allows Gronsky to narrate his baseball career and how he met Josiah Viera to then write the beloved book. This book describes Josiah's challenges as well as his hopes as a young child diagnosed with a terminal illness, but with a love for his family and baseball.

To read the article:

Book Chronicles Special Season For A Cardinals Minor League Team


To purchase:

Sunbury Press Store

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reviews the Story of World War II Veterans!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is known as the No. 1 St. Louis site for news, sports, and entertainment. Their website offers local breaking news, information, and special reports.

The Boys of Brookdale makes a good fit for their bookshelf of reviews because the nursing home where Joe Regenbogen interviewed the featured Veterans is located in St. Louis. Regenbogen's book tells the story of 16 Veterans, who lived through the Second World War. Levins, the reviewer, comments how people should cherish these 16 stories in Regenbogen's novel since three of the Veterans have unfortunately now passed.

Regenbogen also explained how these Veterans take great pride in knowing their story is being told to others.

To read the review and learn more information on the book:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


To purchase:

Sunbury Press Store



sunbury icon white

Regenbogen interviews WW2 from same nursing home

sunbury icon white

Discover 16 Brookdale residents, who survived through World War II, and learn of the Holocaust, prisoners, aviation, and other battles. 

The author seeks media interviews on this important topic or reviews or mentions of his book in the media.

Book overview

Sixteen Amazing Stories from the Second World War Discovered in One Senior-Living Facility.

Of the 16 million people who served in the Second World War, perhaps less than half a million are still alive (as of this writing). Regrettably, these veterans are currently dying at a rate of approximately 500 per day. Brookdale Creve Coeur is a local senior living facility in the suburbs of St. Louis that houses a number of these veterans. It also happens to be where the author's 85-year-old father recently moved. Places like Brookdale contain a treasure trove of remarkable and inspiring stories from World War Two.

For this book, the author interviewed 16 Brookdale residents with memories from the Second World War and have written their stories into the chapters of this book. Among their accounts are a B-24 pilot shot down over the Pacific, two veterans from the Battle of the Bulge, a WAVE, a prisoner-of-war, and a Holocaust survivor.


About the Author

Joe Regenbogen is currently a retired high school history teacher. For the last four years, however, he has continued teaching American History part-time in a program for exceptionally gifted 7th and 8th-grade students. At the end of their two years with Joe, these students take the AP exam in U.S. History and so far, they have all done well enough to earn college credit. Since Joe no longer teaches all day, he has taken up writing as a rewarding way to spend his extra time. Vernon Press published his first book entitled Questioning History.

Book review

The Boys of Brookdale

Outstanding book! You won't be able to put it down! Wonderful stories of 16 WW II Veterans (living at Brookdale along with the authors father) who share their experiences and life lessons…”

~ Review from

To purchase

Sunbury Press Store


Barnes & Noble


by Joe Regenbogen


Trade paperback - 6 x 9 x 2


218 Pages

HISTORY / Military / World War II



For publicity information, contact:

Summer Pick for a Little Inspiration

sunbury icon white

At age 2, Josiah Viera was diagnosed with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria, a terminal childhood illness. His family was given the impossible task to fill a lifetime of memories into a few short years, but then, Josiah fell in love with the game of baseball, the State College Spike of the St. Louis Cardinals adopted him, and together started on a journey - and a season - that would change all of their lives forever.

Book overview:

No parent is ever ready for a terminal diagnosis of their child. No mother should see the day where turning off your son's ventilator is the only option to end his pain. And no grandfather should see the day when your grandchild is scheduled to die in his mother's arms. But on September 10, 2005, this was the harsh reality facing our family, and this was the day we’d never forget.

I am no pastor; nor a preacher. I am no miracle worker, nor a missionary. I am a struggling husband, a decent father, a survivor of brutal child abuse, and from the miraculous survival and extraordinary life of a Progeria child, I am a believer saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ.

In A Short Season: Faith, Family, and a Boy's Love for Baseball, Dave Bohner, the story’s narrator and grandfather to Josiah, and Jake Gronsky, former professional baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals organization, tell the powerful story of Josiah Viera’s fight for life that not only sparked a family's journey towards healing but inspired a generation of baseball players from one of the most historic organizations in Major League Baseball.

A Short Season is a story of hope; a story of acceptance; and a story of faith based on the idea that sometimes a person’s only journey to peace is first trekked through pain. A Short Season is a family’s journey through sorrow and joy, it is a baseball team’s inspiration, and it is the story of one exceptional child’s ray of hope that changed all of their lives forever.

Book review:

"Josiah is an inspiration!

I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with Josiah Viera and his lovely mother, Jennifer, a few years ago. Josiah is a powerhouse in a frail, little body. He has more energy and exudes more positive vibes than almost anyone else I've ever been around. Makes one wonder what could possibly be so wrong in life if this young man - who could be wallowing in self-pity but has chosen not to play victim - can show us all just how wonderful and precious life can be. I've been looking forward to reading this book for months and was not disappointed. Recommend to all and especially to those who need a dose of inspiration."

~      Linda H, five-star review on Amazon

About the people:

DAVE BOHNER is a husband, father, grandfather, and retired welder who has served in the PA Air National Guard, United States Air Force. He is currently president of the Hegins Area Ambulance Association and has been a medical technician for the past twenty-seven years. He loves the game of baseball, meeting new people, and above all, Jesus.


JOSIAH VIERA is fourteen years old and just finished first year of junior high school. He loves God, baseball, dancing, and hanging out with friends. Josiah is an honorary bench coach for the State College Spikes, the newly ‘hired’ bench coach for the TriValley Junior High baseball team, and an honorary member of the St. Louis Cardinals. Every day, Josiah’s goal is to enjoy life and to simply have fun!


JAKE GRONSKY is a former professional baseball player in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Jake now works with former and current professional athletes, writing stories of faith, courage, and perseverance. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and can be found on Twitter @Jake_Gronsky or contacted by email at

To purchase:

Sunbury Press Store


Barnes & Noble


by G. David Bohner & Jake Gronsky


Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1


240 Pages with b&w photos


FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Children with Special Needs

MEDICAL / Diseases / Genetic



For publicity information, contact:

The Joes visit famous graves in the big city

sunbury icon white

When Joe Farrell and Joe Farley researched Pennsylvania graves, an old movie inspired them to shed light on the graves of famous people in New York.

Book overview:

The Joes ventured to the Big Apple and its boroughs to visit the graves of the rich, famous, and infamous.

This first volume of the Gotham Graves series focuses on those persons famous in and around New York City who were fascinating figures in their times, such as:

  • Louis Armstrong
  • Anne Bancroft
  • Nellie Bly
  • Jim Farley
  • ...& more!

This second volume of the Gotham Graves series focuses on those persons interred in and around New York City who were interesting figures in their times, such as:

  • "Gentleman Jim" Corbett
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Irving Berlin
  • Lou Gehrig
  • ...& more!

Farrell and Farley have combed New York City to bring you the most entertaining biographies about interesting people buried in New York.

Book review:

"I might sound a bit strange, but have always found a sort of peace walking through graveyards and reading the headstones of all who have gone before me. I try to read as many books as I can find on graveyards and cemeteries, and people’s final resting places, so this book was of special interest. Not to play favorites, but the one who got my attention in this book was Dorothy Kilgallen. I’ve always been interested in her life, and also supposedly controversial death. Thank you to Netgalley and Sunbury Press, Inc for an ARC of this book."

~ Julie, Amazon costumer

About the author:

In 1975, Joe Farrell hired Mr. Farley to work in the Governor’s Action Center. Nine years later Farrell would repeat his mistake by hiring Mr. Farley to work for him at the Public Utility Commission. On May 21, 2010, after 35 years of state service he retired. Mr. Farley has not returned to work because he has been unable to find a cushy high paying position like Joe Farrell’s. In addition, Mr. Farrell has apparently learned from his past mistakes as he has not attempted to hire Mr. Farley a third time. As a result, Mr. Farley has concentrated his efforts at co-authoring his books Keystone Tombstones.


To learn more about the authors:


To purchase:

Volume 1:

Sunbury Press Store


Barnes & Noble


Volume 2:

Sunbury Press Store


Barnes & Noble


For publicity information, contact:

Coast to Coast Newspaper talks of “R.E.M.F. – Vietnam’s Other GIs”

sunbury icon white

Coast to Coast Newspaper publishes a compelling review of R.E.M.F. - Vietnam's Other GIs, written by John VanDevanter Carter.

Roberta Deen, from Coast to Coast Newspaper, recently published her review of John VanDevanter Carter's book, R.E.M.F. - Vietnam's Other GIs. This is a nonfiction, historical novel about the Vietnam war.

She names R.E.M.F. - Vietnam's Other GIs as a "page-turner" after finishing the book herself.

Be sure to check out her review-

CC Newspaper - Review

To purchase, use these links:

Sunbury Press Store


Barnes & Noble