Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling Print Books of August 2020

Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling Print Books of August 2020

August 2020 has come and gone. And you know what that means? It's time to celebrate our bestsellers!

We have published over 700 books. Not bad, right? Going strong since 2004, we have always prided ourselves in our ability to find, publish, and promote the highest-quality books we can find. Since it's easy to get lost in the workflow, we like to step back at the end of every month to celebrate just how many readers were able to find our books during a 30-day period.

And August 2020 did NOT let us down. Both new books and older books reached the top five in their categories. Before we get into the top 100 books sold, check out these superstars who reached the top five print books in both fiction and nonfiction.


August 2020 Bestsellers for Sunbury Press, nonfiction paperback

Congratulations to our top five bestselling print books in nonfiction!

  1. Why vs. What: One Man's Spiritual Journey Through Tragedy by Embracing God's Planby Ron Reitz
  2. The Chubbs: A Free Black Family's Journey from the Antebellum Era to the Mid-1900s by Dr. Clemmie Whatley
  3. Still Left Out in America: The State of Homelessness in the United States by Pat Lamarche
  4. Dead Letters: Delivering Unopened Mail in a Pennsylvania Ghost Town by Jessica Weible
  5. Last Ride of the Iron Horse: by Dan Joseph


Sunbury Press Bestsellers fiction august 2020 paperback

Congratulations to our top five bestselling print books in fiction!

  1. My Christmas Attic by Dennis M. Clausen
  2. Lost in the Cogan by R.E. Miller
  3. Magic Diary by Pat LaMarche
  4. Hope and Glory (Planet Jesus Trilogy, Book Three) by Douglas Brode & Shaun L. Brode
  5. Body and Soul (Planet Jesus Trilogy, Book Two) by Douglas Brode & Shaun L. Brode

Top 100 Bestselling Print Books from Sunbury Press in August 2020

# - Author - Title (Imprint)

1. Ron Reitz -- Why vs. What (Sunbury Press)
2. Northern Appalachia Review Volume 1 (Catamount Press)
3. Clemmie Whatley -- The Chubbs (Oxford Southern)
4. Pat LaMarche -- Still Left Out in America (Oxford Southern)
5. Jessica Weible -- Dead Letters (Sunbury Press)
6. Dan Joseph – Last Ride of the Iron Horse (Sunbury Press)
7. Victor Hart -- Crossing with the Clarks (Sunbury Press)
8. Dennis Clausen – My Christmas Attic (Milford House Press)
9. Robert Miller -- Lost in the Cogan (Milford House Press)
10. Jason Altmire – Dead Center – (Sunbury Press)
11. Knorr, et al -- After the Pandemic (Sunbury Press)
12. Michele Livingston – Living in the Afterlife (Ars Metaphysica)
13. Sheldon Munn – Freemasons at Gettysburg (Sunbury Press)
14. Mike Campbell – Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last (2 ed) (Sunbury Press)
15. Farrell, Farley, & Knorr – Pennsylvania Patriots (Sunbury Press)
16. Knorr & Whatley – The Segregated Georgia School for the Deaf (Sunbury Press)
17. Helga Rist -- The Blood Letter (Sunbury Press)
18. Anna-Karin Björklund -- Dream and Believe: The Celestial Art of Cr... (Ars Metaphysica)
19. Pat LaMarche – Magic Diary (Milford House Press)
20. Douglas Brode -- Planet Jesus Trilogy: Book Three: Hope & Glory (Ars Metaphysica)
21. Sue McGovern – Raising Monarchs (Sunbury Press)
22. Michael Hawley – Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety (Sunbury Press)
23. Doug Brode – Planet Jesus v1: Flesh & Blood (Ars Metaphysica)
24. George Donehoo – Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania (Sunbury Press)
25. Jeff Pappas -- Ponies West (Sunbury Press)
26. Oxana Lapchuk – The Journalist (Sunbury Press)
27. Gratz Historical Society – History of Lykens Township Volume 2 (Sunbury Press)
28. Lawrence Knorr – Gettysburg Eddie (Sunbury Press)
29. Joe Regenbogen – The Boys of Brookdale (Sunbury Press)
30. Karim El Koussa – Jesus the Phoenician (Ars Metaphysica)
31. James Dohren -- Windy City Stories (Sunbury Press)
32. Michael Hawley – The Ripper's Haunts (Sunbury Press)
33. Gerri Almand – The Reluctant RV Wife (Brown Posey Press)
34. Barbara Mancini -- Cruel Death, Heartless Aftermath (Sunbury Press)
35. Ronald Mayer – The 1932 New York Yankees (Sunbury Press)
36. William Marcum – The Foreman's Boys (Sunbury Press)
37. Linda Schwab -- Displaced (Sunbury Press)
38. Captain Hooter – Captain Hooter's Connoisseur's Guide to Amsterdam...(Sunbury Press)
39. Marlin Bressi -- Pennsylvania Oddities vol 2 (Sunbury Press)
40. Doug Brode – Planet Jesus v2: Body and Soul (Ars Metaphysica)
41. Arthur Hoyle -- Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits (Sunbury Press)
42. Pamela Bakker -- McDowell's Mill Fort in Markes, Pennsylvania, 175...(Sunbury Press)
43. Cheryl Brooks – Chicken Bone Beach (Sunbury Press)
44. John L Moore -- Murder at Killbuck Island (Sunbury Press)
45. Arthur Graeff – Conrad Weiser: Pennsylvania Peacemaker (Distelfink Press)
46. Kyle Romines -- The Whispers of the Crows (Hellbender Books)
47. John L Moore -- Against the Ice (Sunbury Press)
48. Jon Hochschartner – Ingrid Newkirk: A Biography of PETA's Founder (Sunbury Press)
49. Farrell & Farley -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 2 (Sunbury Press)
50. Wynne Kinder -- Mindful Moods, 2nd Edition: A Mindful, Social Emot...(Oxford Southern)
51. Farrell & Farley -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 3 (Sunbury Press)
52. Mark Singel – The Life and Loves of Thaddeus Stevens (Sunbury Press)
53. John L Moore – 1780: Year of Revenge (Sunbury Press)
54. Gronsky & Bohner – A Short Season (Sunbury Press)
55. Heather Paterno – H is for Hershey (Speckled Egg Press)
56. Terry Ray – The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Or... (Ars Metaphysica)
57. Farrell & Farley – Keystone Tombstones Gettysburg (Sunbury Press)
58. Farrell & Farley -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 1 (2 ed) (Sunbury Press)
59. John Hochschartner -- Puppy Killer, Leave Town (Sunbury Press)
60. Jeffrey Geiger – German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, California (Sunbury Press)
61. Mark Mitten – Breck's Quandary (Milford House Press)
62. Anthony Julian -- Vintage Photographs of Pit Bulls (Sunbury Press)
63. Joe Harvey -- Summer Changes Everything (Milford House Press)
64. Cynthia & William Royce -- The Road to Villa Page (Sunbury Press)
65. John L Moore – Warriors, Wampum, and Wolves (Sunbury Press)
66. Scott Zuckerman – Dreams of My Comrades (Sunbury Press)
67. John Lindermuth – Digging Dusky Diamonds (Sunbury Press)
68. Michelle Hoffer – The ABCs of Narcissism (Ars Metaphysica)
69. Joe Fair – Call Sign Dracula (Sunbury Press)
70. Wynne Kinder -- Mindful Choices (Oxford Southern)
71. Mark Carlson – The Marines' Lost Squadron: The Odyssey of VMF-422 (Sunbury Press)
72. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Autumn (Milford House Press)
73. Marlin Bressi – Pennsylvania Oddities (Sunbury Press)
74. Diane McCormick – Well-Behaved Taverns Seldom Make History (Sunbury Press)
75. Guy Graybill – Prohibition's Prince (Sunbury Press)
76. Benjamin Myers – American Citizen (Sunbury Press)
77. Edward Hocker -- The Fighting Parson of the American Revolution (Sunbury Press)
78. John L Moore – Tories, Terror, and Tea (Sunbury Press)
79. Barbara Workinger – Plain & Deadly (Milford House Press)
80. Joan West – Things Strangled (Milford House Press)
81. Farrell & Farley – Keystone Tombstones Civil War (Sunbury Press)
82. Farrell, Farley, and Knorr -- Keystone Tombstones Volume 4 (Sunbury Press)
83. Brad Bumsted – Keystone Corruption Continues (Sunbury Press)
84. Donald Dewey -- Franchisement (Milford House Press)
85. Jason Altmire – Dead Center (Sunbury Press)
86. Karim El Koussa – Jesus the Phoenician (Ars Metaphysica)
87. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Spring (Milford House Press)
88. Jeffrey Geiger -- German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, Californi... (Sunbury Press)
89. Darla Henry – The 3-5-7 Model: A Practice Approach to Permanency (Sunbury Press)
90. Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks -- Golden Beauty Boss (Sunbury Press)
91. John L Moore – Scorched Earth: General Sullivan and the Senecas (Sunbury Press)
92. William Cook – Collision Course (Sunbury Press)
93. William Lemanski – Lost in the Shadow of Fame (2 ed) (Sunbury Press)
94. Keith Rommel – The Devil Tree (Sunbury Press)
95. Kelly Park -- Just Like Me (Sunbury Press)
96. Wendy Webb -- The Eye of the Gargoyle (Milford House Press)
97. Joe Harvey -- If We’re Really Quiet, It Won’t Find Us (Milford House Press)
98. Joe Farley – Trumpet Call to Victory (Sunbury Press)
99. J G Hohman – Der Lange Verborgene Freund: The Original German Vers...(Distelfink Press)
100. Dennis Clausen – The Sins of Rachel Sims (Milford House Press)

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Character Interview: Dr. Alan Gibb, from Franchisement

Character Interview: Dr. Alan Gibb, from Franchisement

Franchisement is a way of thinking, a way of belonging, an outlet to your own identity.

The world has spent 10 centuries searching for potential solutions to maximize the profitability of human interconnection. We have tried everything to resolve our existential malaise and our constant sense of futility, and nothing works.

Over the centuries we have rushed to one organized corpus of thought (like philosophy and religion) in the vain search for clues to find joy. But people have continued to lose that "team feeling" about life, have continued to feel unfranchised.

That is, until Dr. Alan Gibb passed a young boy on the street wearing a pair of Mets shorts, a Red Sox t-shirt, and a Yankees cap, and the theory of human relationships called "Franchisement" was born.

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with the founder, ideator, and chief salesman of Franchisement (Doctor Alan Gibb) to explain this revolutionary concept. And he even agreed to do so without charging for his time.

This is that interview.


Interview with Dr. Alan Gibb

Q: Can you explain Franchisement in ten words or less?

AG: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Q: That's the typing exercise for using all the letters of the alphabet.

AG: Exactly. It covers everything. As does Franchisement. No matter who you are or what you are--sex, ehtnicity, and favorite breakfast cereral immaterial--there's a place for you on the Franchisement grid. You belong.

Q: So it's really about togetherness.

AG: That you'd have to pay for us to research. I don't know enough about you.

Q: I mean speaking generally. It's about togetherness.

AG: If I knew what you meant by that, I could answer. But I don't know you. What do you mean by "speaking generally?" That might mean one thing for you and an entirely different thing for your upstairs neighbor. The key to Franchisement is the personal, and you don't exist personally for me. Give me a clue.

Q: I like baseball.

AG: So what? So did Hitler.

Q: I never knew that.

AG: He was a New York Yankee personality with a Philadelphia Phillies PITS.

Q: A what?

AG: PITS. His Positional Identity Trait Sign.

Q: What's that?

AG: What it says--his Positional Identity Trait Sign. You can only have one PITS at a time.

Q: I didn't know that. 

AG: But it's up to you to choose which PITS. 

Q: Oh.

AG: Franchisement doesn't force things on its customers.

Q: That sounds good.

AG: Start telling people who they are and they aren't those people; they're who they say they are.

Q: Not the same thing.

AG: Not at all. You want to be who you are, not somebody else.

Q: Of course not.

AG: Look out any window and you'll see thousands of unfranchised people walking the streets. They don't know where they're going. They don't know where they've come from. Makes you want to keep the blinds closed.

Q: I confess I'm at a loss...

AG: A classic Phillies PITS symptom. Maybe it would be better if you just started off with a Franchisement Unique Number. Your FUN. That usually relaxes first-time customers.

Q: But I'm not a customer. I'm here to interview you.

AG: An identity trait like any other. Give it a try. Your FUN number.

Q: Any number?

AG: After the one on your credit card...No, no, don't say it out loud. There may be hackers listening. Just let me see it...Okay, good. Now what FUN do you want?

Q: Pretty expensive fun.

AG: Go ahead. Your FUN number. 

Q: How about...361?

AG: I don't know. You tell me. What's special about 361 for you?

Q: It's 360 plus one.

AG: So not just everything, but one more than everything.

Q: Not that I want to seem greedy.

AG: Franchisement doesn't judge.

Q: Who else has picked 361?

AG: You mean your Famous Franchisement Folks?

Q: Who?

AG: Your Famous Franchisement Folks. Your FFF.

Q: Oh.

AG: Part of your sense of belonging. Through the ages.

Q: Right. Can't be many in my case.

AG: Off the top of my head I can say John the Baptist, Robespierre, and Ted Williams.

Q: Not the worst company, I guess.

AG: As I said, we don't judge; we just process.

Q: If I want another FFF, can I change down the road?

AG: That's why all those numbers exist.

Q: So I'm really not committed to anything.

AG: One of the first lessons Franchisement learned from horoscopes. You start thinking of yourself as a scorpion or a cancer, say, you eventually get depressed. Who wants to be a scorpion or a cancer every day? You wake up in the morning, and you're crawling or coughing your lungs out before you even get out of bed. That wasn't good for you and it certainly wasn't good for the astrology business. So they created all these half-moons and cusps and crap for more possibilities. That's what we've had in place since the very beginning.

Q: But doesn't that leave you and Franchisement open to criticism?

AG: None that I've heard.

Q: Well, I mean if you can be anything, how can you ever be something?

AG: That sounds like a philosophical question, and we could be sitting here debating it all week. You may have that time, but I don't.

Q: You sound very self-confident, Dr. Gibb.

AG: Thank you.

Q: I mean in a kind of smug way.

AG: I never heard that criticism before.

Q: Really?

AG: I'm beginning to think you might be a New York Mets Personality.

Thank you for reading our interview with Franchisement founder Dr. Alan Gibb!

If you liked what you read, check out the satirical novel Franchisement by Donald Dewey. Dr. Gibb's got plenty more head-scratching, hilarious moments as you'd expect after reading this interview.

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4 American Biographies and Autobiographies from Sunbury Press

4 American Biographies and Autobiographies from Sunbury Press

Discover the incredible true stories of American people

We are capable of almost anything. From living our personal dreams to making a global difference, there is no stopping the human spirit. And don't our authors know it.

To help celebrate the 15% OFF and free shipping promotions we've got going on, we've put together this list of books that illustrate just how amazing humans can be. Check 'em out. Read about 'em. And then head over to the Sunbury store and get yourself something unique to enjoy.


With ten biographies rolled into one, Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits is sure to satisfy any history buff.

Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits: Americans Against the Grain takes the reader on a journey across American history from the colonial period to the present, through the life stories of exceptional men and women who have responded in unconventional ways to the challenges and circumstances of their time and place.

Biographies include:

  • Roger Williams: The First American
  • Anne Bradstreet: The First American Poet
  • Judith Baca: Chicana Muralist
  • And 7 more!

*#1 Amazon bestseller in Historical Latin American Biographies!*

Mavericks...Canva bestseller

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury store below

Nearly everyone dreams of "making it." But a young North Carolina boy named Calvin Richardson actually made it happen.

In this autobiography, Calvin Richardson rises out of his modest southern upbringing to become a multi-Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. While offering insight into the reality of the music industry, Richardson's inspiring story introduces readers to the tenacity and determination needed to manifest a dream.

Take a trip with Richardson on the ups and downs, twists and turns that transformed a young boy from the Carolinas to a chart-topping inspiration.

Check out Calvin's interview with Sister Circle about his path, career, and Do You, Without Them!

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury store below

Drive, determination, and beauty products--Golden Beauty Boss is the inspiring tale of one woman making millions in the 1940s.

This first biography of the entrepreneur Madame Sara Spencer will leave you proud, inspired, and impressed. In 1911, a Virginia budding-entrepreneur moved to Atlantic City to start selling cosmetics door-to-door and styling hair in her basement.

Pretty soon, she'd turned her business into an empire. Sara opened a manufacturing company creating hundreds of products, hired 45,000 sales agents all over the world, and was even honored at the New York World's Trade Fair in 1939 as "Most Distinguished Businesswoman. She reached millionaire status in the 1940s and took on roles as a civic leader and philanthropist.

Like Netflix's Self Made? Golden Beauty Boss is the perfect companion piece for another brilliant black woman entrepreneur!

Black woman entrepreneur (Canva) Self Made Golden Beauty

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The oddball story of Franklin Roosevelt's problematic cousin and his mysterious death

A brilliant and complex combination of conflicting character traits, Kermit Roosevelt was the gifted, problematic cousin that almost brought down the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

Including tales of his affairs and alcoholism, Lost in the Shadow of Fame is the captivating story of a lesser known cousin who may have died naturally--or may have been murdered to keep things quiet.

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: 26 Free eBooks from Sunbury Press!

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Interview with Scott Stevens

Interview with Scott Stevens

Meet Scott Stevens

This is the author photo for scott stevens of sunbury press

Scott Stevens is an international best-selling and award-winning author from Tampa, Florida. He was a sportswriter before becoming a novelist and has garnered over 125 million readers online and in print. Not too bad if you ask us! You can follow him at

Three Books of Suspense by Scott Stevens

Interview with Scott Stevens

by Joe Walters

Joe and Scott

Q: Scott Stevens, thanks for chatting with me! I've been keeping an eye on everything that's been going on with you over on Twitter, and I just couldn't wait to get talking about your work. It looks like you've had some exciting new developments recently with the Deadly Roses publication and even a review from WWE legend Tony Garea. How cool is that?!

Thanks for chatting with me, Joe! Yeah, Deadly Roses has been very well received so far. This thriller is bit different from my previous books as it also includes a domestic violence angle. I'm glad everyone likes it so far. Just this weekend, it got endorsements from actor John Martino of The Godfather fame and a video endorsement from "The Voice" Justin Michaels! As you mentioned, Tony Garea posted about how much he liked On the Run as well. I can't wait to see what he thinks of Deadly Roses.

Q: I know you were a sportswriter for a while before this, so obviously you've been a fan of words for a long time now. But when did you start writing fiction? And what is it about the craft that keeps you crawling back for more?

Yes, I did the sportswriting thing for a long time. I was talking to one of my editors one day about an idea I had and how I thought it would make a great movie. He suggested I make a novel out of it. Of course, at this point, I hadn't written anything longer than sports editorials or game wrap-ups, so the thought was a bit overwhelming--but very intriguing, too. It took a long time, but On Ice was finally finished and released, and I was very surprised that people actually liked it. Not bad for a first release!

I love writing fiction because I control every aspect of the story. I create the characters, their flaws, the settings, and the entire storyline. It's cool because if I don't like how something is working out, I have the option to just scrap a scene or character and start again. You can't do that with sports or with nonfiction. Creating the entire thing from scratch is a lot of fun.

Q: So, let's talk about that oeuvre of yours, shall we? In your latest book (Deadly Roses), a love triangle takes a turn for the worst. In the one before that (On the Run), we get ourselves into some wrong-place, wrong-time drug cartel danger. And in Twister Town, a tornado sweeps across an unsuspecting town. Needless to say, they've all got their own special issues brewing. So since they're all so different, how do you go about choosing which projects to take on? Are there any underlying themes or situations that run through all of your works regardless of the premises?

Thrills, with plenty of action and adventure. My focus is on current day thrillers involving drugs, money, and murder. Realistic thrillers where the reader can feel like they are part of the event. So I'd say that's my primary underlying thread throughout my work: realistic thrills.

As far as picking the's really just what I see in everyday life, or maybe on the news. I might see something on the news and think how things could have gone differently or what happened leading up to that point. Things like that. For example, Twister Town isn't about drugs or murder, but it does have the realistic feel of what it's like to go through such a terrible event. It's based on a real town I visited once in the midwest. I really did see people not paying attention when the tornado sirens went off, and it blew my mind.

Q: I'm a big fan of the love triangle set-up you've got going on in Deadly Roses. What do you think it is about love triangles that make readers and viewers keep on coming back to them?

Love triangles never end well. I've never seen a movie or heard of a book where a love triangle ended with happily ever after. People know it's going to end badly, and lots of those people want to know the result. In most cases, someone gets hurt or even dies. It's not just the final result though that hooks people--it's what takes place to lead up to the ending. In Deadly Roses, there are several action scenes that bring the reader to the final result. That's another big part of it: "The chase."

Q: Do you have a favorite (spoiler-free) scene in Deadly Roses that you could tell us about?

Wow, there are a few. I love the story because it takes place in New York City. I grew up there, so I was able to take mental trips back to my youth while writing it. I can't give too much detail, but I can say that the scene on the subway and the one in the Lincoln Tunnel were a couple of my favorites. Both scenes could really happen in those settings, so I have a feeling it'll feel even more realistic for the reader. But I love that final scene too. I like to have a surprise ending, so I put a lot of thought into it. It really tested my ability to come up with something surprising and still have it be plausible. The reviews say I did a good job with it, so I'm glad to hear it worked out as I hoped.

Q: You’re a WWE fan, right? So let’s put that passion to the test—if all of your characters met in a royal-rumble style, steel-cage death match, who would walk away victorious and why?

What a fun question! It could come down to a "Fatal 4-Way" match inside the cage for sure. I'm thinking the fighters would be John Kinkaid from On Ice, Snake Santiago from Deadly Roses, and both Rosa Rodriguez and Hector from On the Run.

First out? It's Hector. He's tough, but he couldn't compete with the savagery the other three would bring into the cage.

Next, I'm thinking Rosa would give Snake a severe beating. Snake might feel confident because he's hit a few women in the past, but he'd fall short to the ruthless Rosa.

That would leave John Kinkaid and Rosa as the last two standing. It'd be an entertaining finish with Kinkaid's military background and Rosa's willingness to do whatever it takes to come out on top. She might be battered and beaten by the end of it,  but I'm confident she'd be the last person standing when the bell rings.

Q: And perhaps most importantly--what have you been watching during quarantine that we should check out?

Truthfully, I've always been a stay-at-home kind of guy anyway, so I've got a few answers for you. We just watched the entire series of Suits and then Deadwood. Both were great, but Deadwood was too short. I would have loved to see that one go for a few more seasons. But Better Call Saul is a current show we love to watch each week.

Q: What are you working on now? Anything we should keep an eye out for?

Currently I have Joe Abel's biography finished and waiting for publication. His story offers great insight to what it's like to be just a step below the big time. It has a lot of behind the scenes stuff and never-before-told stories. It was a lot of fun to write, and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley even wrote the Foreword for it. I can't wait until that one comes out because wrestling fans are going to love it.

I also have biographies in the works for WWE legend B. Brian Blair and former G.L.O.W. superstar Sunny the California Girl. After those are completed, I'm going to shift my focus back to the fiction thrillers because I love doing them. Hoping to have another one ready for release sometime next year. I love creating new stories and characters, so I'll never stop writing my beloved thrillers.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Scott Stevens! I had a great time talking with this best-seller, and I can't wait for you to check out the great stuff he's been doing over here.

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5 Nonfiction Books about Sports to Keep You Cheering

5 Nonfiction Books about Sports to Keep You Cheering

Break out your foam fingers. It's time to get right back into the action with 5 nonfiction books about sports!

There's no peeling us away from our deep-rooted love of sports. Here at Sunbury, we're down in the dumps about missing live-action basketball and baseball like the rest of you, but we have a secret.

We have a way to transport right back into the bleachers...with books about sports! Here's what you can come to expect out of this listicle:

  • A sportscaster's legendary interviews with the finest in professional sports like Oscar Robertson, Ted Williams, and more.
  • Professional basketball history--and drama?
  • Hoosiers fans can relie small town glory with a little historic high school basketball in Pennsylvania
  • Some of the finest moments of Pittsburgh Steelers history
  • A book to send you back in time to the early years of professional football

And to top off this sports celebration, we're still running our 15% OFF sale on all books purchased through the Sunbury Press bookstore. Just use coupon code SPRING15S at checkout and combine it with our free shipping code with FREESHIP.


BY John Rayburn


Including anecdotes and conversations with the brightest in the world of sports, this behind-the-scenes book offers everything you're looking for in sports history.

From someone who has interviewed outstanding personalities like Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, and more, John Rayburn offers new avenues of thought about sports figures, regardless of what your favorite sport is.

*Included in Book Authority's "7 Best New Sports Broadcasting Books to Read in 2020!*

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury Store below


BY William A. Cook


In the 1960s, the Cincinnati Royals were loaded with All-Stars including Oscar Robertson, Jerry Lucas, and Wayne Embry. But when Bob Cousy transitions to coach the underperforming Royals, things take a turn for the worse.

An uneasy relationship between Coach Cousy and Robertson turn a once-promising franchise into a dysfunctional failure in Collision Course.

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury Store below


BY Joe Farley

Trumpet Call to Victory tells the story of a small parochial high school in Pennsylvania that reaches the summit of basketball glory in the late 1960s.

Glorious victories, heartbreaking losses, and unsung heroes, this book has the stuff to inspire you and rekindle your love of basketball. Great for fans of Hoosiers!

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury Store Below


BY Merrill Shaffer

A Super Steelers Journey is the story of the 23-year search to find the 22 players and head coach who were members of all four of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Super Bowl Championship teams in the 1970s.

Honoring their accomplishments and dissecting their biographies, this book is a sure-fire treat to the Steelers' fan in your life.

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury Store Below


BY Wylie Graham McLallen

A wealthy entrepeuner buys the Memphis Tigers along with the services of some of the finest players in football. Packed with early inductees of the NFL Hall of Fame, follow the rise of the 1929 national professional football champions.

With stories of little-paid coaches and massive player movement, Tigers By the River has it all for football history buffs.

Get 15% OFF at Sunbury Store Below

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Interview with Keith Rommel

Interview with Keith Rommel

Meet author Keith Rommel:

This is the author photo of keith rommel, author of The Thanatology Series

Keith Rommel is a multi-award-winning author and screenwriter best known for his Thanatology dark suspense series. In addition to writing thirteen books, he also had the honor of co-writing The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man movies which have garnished over 160 awards combined, including best screenplay and best feature film.

The Thanatology Series

Interview with Keith Rommel

Q: Keith Rommel, author of the Thanatology series, thanks for chatting with me!

A: Thank you for having me.

Q: Let’s hear that elevator pitch. How would you describe the series to someone who knew nothing about it?

A: The Thanatology series is a collection of realistic and supernatural novels that explore humanity and its inherently corrupt nature. Some people don't seem to care until they're forced to face the unthinkable, so what does it look like when the unthinkable happens? What sacrifices would you be willing to make to undo your wrongs?

Q: At this point, we’re six books deep into the series. It might feel like a while since it’s all started, but put yourself in that early writer’s shoes. What made you first begin this project?

A: The project started with my desire to tell a story that hasn't been told before. As an avid reader, I've felt the market has been saturated with stories that have been told many different times. I always strive for unique storytelling, and six books later, I'm pleased to say that people are still interested in what I have to say.

Q: We’ve heard quite a few reviewers telling us how much they enjoyed The Sinful Man (among others of course). But I’m curious: what is it about that book that resonates best with you?

A: Like most books in the Thanatology series, there are universal truths in which the story of The Sinful Man is based off of. I'm particularly attached to that one because the stories of sin and hopeful redemption have affected people I know, meaning this book is a sort of outlet for me to share these important truths. 

Q: Two of the novels in the series (The Lurking Man and The Cursed Man) were turned into award-winning films. How exciting is that! What was it like seeing your characters and story come to life on screen like that?

A: It is truly an honor to have had my works brought to life. At times the feeling is surreal. I remember being nervous, excited, suspended by disbelief, and ultimately satisfied. The price is long, and it teaches you patience. Above all things I mention, I remain humble and remain focused on telling great stories. I have many more to tell and hopefully one of them will be worthy enough for film adaptation.

Q: Where can we watch those movies?

A: The Lurking Man is the first released title and is available on Amazon Prime TV.VUDU and many other platforms are forthcoming. That is a great intro to the film series.

Q: Sure, these novels are suspenseful, but there always seem to be something innately human about them. What feelings do you aim to evoke in readers as they finish your book(s)?

A: Realism is important to me, and that is why I always incorporate truth within my fiction. I feel when you blend truth, it allows the reader in to connect to each emotion running through the characters, so in my series, you can expect to feel desperation, fear, motivation, and eventually, elation.

Q: Are you working on anything right now? Can we expect more out of the Thanatology series?

A: I'm currently in the middle of what I believe to be my best book yet. I'm hoping to see it completed and renewed by year end 2020. This book is raw, emotional and very VERY personal. For now, the title will remain a secret. Visit to stay informed.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Keith Rommel! If you dare, take a chance on the first book in the series (The Sinful Man). When you close the last page, I'm confident you'll be crawling back for more.

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4 Binge-Worthy Mystery Novels from Milford House Press

4 Binge-Worthy Mystery Novels from Milford House Press

When it's time for a reading binge (and maybe some social distancing), curl up with one of Milford House Press's head-scratching mysteries 

Did you know that we publish books across nearly all genres? We've got a handful of imprints that make sure each reader has something they can love in our catalog.

This time around, we want to show you head-scratching, heart-pumping mysteries that'll keep you company during these next few social-distancing weeks from our imprint Milford House Press.

Dig into the murky business of murder with Detective Erin McCoy in Things Strangled.

When a film crew goes missing, Detective Erin McCoy and K-9 Officer Shadow must visit the site where they were last seen. What they find is exactly what they didn't want to discover.

With equal parts mystery and police procedural, Things Strangled is a thrilling new stand-alone addition to the Carlisle Crime Cases.

If you like police procedural novels and K-9 detectives, you've come to the exact right place.

About the Author

J.M. West is a professor of English Studies and the author of the Carlisle Crime Cases series and a debut novel called Glory in the Flower, in which four coeds bond during the turbulent series. Check out more about her at

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RV trip turns ghostly in the spooky paranormal mystery Site 22.

L.D. Knorr's fourth installment in the RV Mysteries series might just be her finest yet. When Hank and Helen Moran vacation away from their private investigator business, they never expected to have to bring their investigate skills along with them.

Join this daring couple on a trip gone paranormal involving the realm of the afterlife.

About the Author

L.D. Knorr was born and raised on a dairy farm in Berks County Pennsylvania and now resides in rural Alabama. Now a retired mechanical engineer, he focuses most of his free time traveling with his wife or working on his fiction. Learn more about his books here.

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French Quarters is a time-sensitive case you must crack before it's too late.

In 1884 New Orleans, Chief of Detectives Dawson Shaughnessy investigates a string of bizarre and brutal homicides despite the highest levels of corruption, Presidential politics, and American law enforcement.

As the clock ticks on for Dawson and his brother Michael to solve the case, a mysterious railroad arrives, bringing with it a few ties to the murders that might be the just the secret they've been waiting for.

About the Author

James Snyder was born in Memphis, Tennessee and lived in many parts of the United States, before settling with his family in Napa Valley. He has published short stories in the Houghton Mifflin Black Mask anthologies, the Ginosko Literary Journal, and was a finalist in the New Letters’ Alexander Patterson Cappon Prize for Fiction. Learn more about him here.

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Break out your calculator and solve Pasha Stern's mystery of a multi-million-dollar international crime in When the Numbers Don't Add Up.

Pasha Stern, an accountant with a knack for forensics, discovers a multi-million-dollar international crime during a routine corporate audit. And she isn't going to let it slip through the cracks.

Shocking discoveries bring her face-to-face with a disparate cast of suspects and the FBI. Newly minted temporary Special Agent Pasha Stern steps into the world of terrorists, extremists, and traitors.

She is forced to confront her ex-hippie disdain for all things violent when her survival is at stake and she must decide to use a gun or die. After a lifetime of rejecting her Jewish lineage, she must now decide how she will risk helping Israel.

About the Author

Patty Bialak is a retired CPA who specialized in forensic accounting. Much of her free time is spent traveling the world and making new friends wherever she goes. After ten years traveling solo in a forty-foot luxury motor coach, she settled in the California desert with her two cats, teaching yoga and singing in her synagogue choir.

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4 Great Nonfiction Books from Our Winter Catalog

4 Great Nonfiction Books from Our Winter Catalog

Looking for a little real-life reading? Check out these four new nonfiction books from our Winter catalog!

Always searching for the best in both fiction and nonfiction, we are proud to announce four new releases that span a variety of nonfiction categories. Whether you're searching for a travel memoir or a guide to caring for your loved ones, we've got you covered.

  1. WHERE THE TREE FROGS TOOK ME: Travel the world in a fascinating memoir by Maia Williamson about experiencing new places and meeting new people.
  2. WHAT TO DO ABOUT MAMA?: Discover the realities of caregiving and learn firsthand tips for how to succeed if you're caring for those you love.
  3. DISPLACED: A HOLOCAUST MEMOIR: Six-year-old Linda Schwab sees atrocities no child (or adult) should ever see.
  4. CRUEL DEATH, HEARTLESS AFTERMATH: Barbara Mancini explores a real-life, widely publicized scenario about the "right-to-die"  law.

More about our recent releases 

#1. Where the tree Frogs Took Me

About the Book

One woman. Twenty years of travel. A lifetime of change.

Where the Tree Frogs Took Me is an inspirational read to help you find the significance of each encounter and the truth of where they lead you.

#2. What to Do About Mama?

About the Book

What to Do About Mama? is a book of the challenges, heartaches, and joys you could experience while caregiving. Including down-to-Earth guidance for present and future caregivers, this is a refreshing "regular person" book about caring for those you love.

Click below to read more

Click below to read more

#3. Displaced: A Holocaust Memoir

About the Book

In the Holocaust, six-year-old Linda Schwab saw atrocities no one should never see.

After escaping a massacre, she disappeared to a cave with her family for 18 months, where they hid from Nazi officers, from the blistering cold, and from the danger of taking one wrong step.
Click below to read more

#2. Cruel Death, Heartless Aftermath

About the Book

Part memoir, part detective story, and part social commentary, Cruel Death, Heartless Aftermath is the compelling narrative of a daughter following a father's orders for a peaceful death, only to be caught in a whirlwind of national media about the notion of "right to die."

Click below to read more

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3 Fascinating Literary Novels about Puerto Rico

Former New York Daily News reporter Robert Friedman pens three fascinating literary novels about Puerto Rico 

Ready for a trip to the Caribbean?

Crime, corruption, colonialism, and compassion. The Puerto Rico Trilogy by Robert Friedman consists of three separate character-driven novels that focus on this Caribbean island and its complex political and social relationship with the US.

Whether you want to see what it's like to live in Puerto Rico or you're in the mood for a well-written literary fiction series, former New York Daily News reporter Robert Friedman's got you covered

Praise for the Puerto Rico Trilogy

Book 1

"Well-written, well-paced, and thoroughly satisfying."

Book 2

"A gripping account of lost love, the temptations of the drug trade, and the struggle to survive in a difficult world."

Book 3

"A wonderful novel that gives you an inside look at what it was like in [1980s] Puerto Rico."

The Odyssey of Pablo Camino

About the Book

The Odyssey of Pablo Camino was inspired by a real-life incident when a stateside doctor, sent to the island for research, claimed in a letter that he purposely killed eight of his patients because of his disgust with the "natives."

In this first novel, the doctor's fictional son, a well-known but troubled Puerto Rican artist, goes on a search for the truth of his father's possibly murderous past.

Visit Odyssey of Pablo Camino product page

The Defining Sea

About the Book

The Defining Sea was also sparked by US-Puerto Rico history. Its plot is derived from the US Navy's decades-long fire and bombing exercises on the inhabited offshore Puerto Rico island of Vieques, which caused death and serious illness.

This story concerns a 20-year-old University of Puerto Rico student who delivers drugs between the island and the states to raise money for a scholarship that will be named after his girlfriend, killed by police during a protest.

Visit The Defining Sea product page

Ulysses in San Juan

About the Book

The year is 1980, and Wolf, a survivor of Auschwitz, is trying once again to build a new life, this time in Puerto Rico. As the final novel in the trilogy, Ulysses in San Juan tells of a captivating relationship between a Jewish concentration camp survivor and a Puerto Rican female drug addict.
It takes the reader on a trip into the San Juan underworld, as well as to other island sites to meet crooked, poignant, and colorful characters.

Visit Ulysses in San Juan product page

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