“Hard to Quit” is the second Western novel by Mark Mitten

“Hard to Quit” is the second Western novel by Mark Mitten

DENVER, Co. – Sunbury Press has released Hard to Quit by Mark Mitten under its Milford House Press imprint.

About the Book:


Creede, Colorado

In a boom camp like Creede, most people want to get rich either mining silver or playing cards. LG and Davis have a different plan — sell beef. Fighting the bitter temperatures and the winter storms of the Colorado high country, they string wire and bring in cattle. But there are things more dangerous than the weather. Having run out of luck and out of Denver, con man Soapy Smith brings his gang up to Creede to start over. His vision of success if different than anyone else’s, and it involves rigging the odds in his favor. No matter who it affects, or how far he must reach.


Squinting in the darkness, Davis tried to see if LG’s eyes were open. But his hat brim was too low, and the light too dull. He resisted the urge to check his pocket watch. Davis didn’t even want to know what time it was.

The two of them were huddled around a cast-iron stove with a big dent in it. The top of the firebox was so mashed in, the iron door did not close properly, and hot embers kept rolling out every time the fire popped or shifted. Just to keep the tent warm, someone had to stay up and feed sticks every half hour or so. Davis was mad about the whole situation. Every night they drew cards to see who stayed up with it. And every night, it seemed, LG drew a high ace. Why couldn’t they just alternate?

“If I ain’t getting no sleep, then you ain’t getting no sleep.”

He reached over and poked LG in the cheek but got no response.

LG’s arms were folded, and his chin was resting on his chest. He appeared to be sound asleep, but Davis suspected he was just as awake as he was.

“Say, whatever happened to Emmanuel?” he asked in a loud voice. “That cook was one of the finest men that ever graced a chuck wagon. Top hand punching cattle, I’d add. He could fork any horse no matter how corrupt it was.”

They had a long day ahead, and Davis was not looking forward to it. Building a cow camp in the middle of winter was a chore. Creede was a new boomtown. Silver had just been found, and people were flocking to the canyon creek to try their hand at mining. But LG and Davis had a different plan to get rich—beef. The only meat source in the backcountry was deer, maybe a bear, or fish from the half-frozen river. People would pay high dollar for steak. The first step was to build a fence all around their new cow camp. They had chosen an open meadow in the middle of the forest. It would be perfect to hold beeves. All they needed to do was string wire from tree to tree to circle in the whole area.

Burning wood shifted inside the stove, and a lump of bright embers dropped onto the ground.

“What a foolish purchase,” Davis pointed out unnecessarily. “Them boys at the Amethyst sure pulled one over on us, didn’t they? They sure weren’t straight about how it got bent in. A big Kodiak thought it was a biscuit—my eye! There ain’t no Kodiak around here. I bet one of them drunks got soaked and whacked it with a sledgehammer.”
He squinted at LG again, studying him in the dim light.

There was no way the man could be sleeping. This was pretend. He obviously wanted Davis to think he was impervious to hardship and could sleep through anything.

Book Trailer:

TRAILER #1 (Short version):  https://youtu.be/99ejfwui9f8

TRAILER #2 (Full version):  https://youtu.be/SugTITnkvOc

Praise for “Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave”:

“Lyrical, fresh and an impressive debut.”  —Roundup Magazine
“Dialogue and actions resonate with authenticity.” —Kathleen Rice Adams, Western Fictioneers
“Mitten awakens images of Gunsmoke and The Magnificent Seven . . . Certain to be a favorite of equestrians, modern ranchers and history buffs.” —Karina Wetherbee, The Summit Daily
“A heckuva Western novel that more than lives up to its unusual title.” —Ron Scheer, Buddies in the Saddle

About the Author:

Mark Mitten was born in Texas and raised in Colorado. He has written two western historical novels. Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave was nominated for a Peacemaker Award. Hard To Quit is his second novel. An experienced mountain climber, Mark has summited all 54 of Colorado’s highest peaks. He and his wife Mary currently reside in Winsted, MN.  Learn more about Mark at his website: http://mmitten.wixsite.com/mark-mitten

Hard to Quit

Authored by Mark Mitten

List Price: $19.95
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
400 pages
Milford House Press
ISBN-13: 978-1620067482
ISBN-10: 162006748X
BISAC: Fiction / Westerns / General

Also available on Kindle

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Texas Ranger seeks revenge for his murdered parents

rtrl_fcDENVER — Sunbury Press has released R. C. Reynolds’ western novel “Return to Red Lodge,” about a young Texas Ranger who seeks to avenge the murder of his parents.

About the Book:
Rick Morgan had witnessed the horrific murders of his mother and father by a band of hooded riders when he was fifteen years old. He escaped from the killers and fled south to Arizona, where he eventually became a very noted and respected Texas Ranger. However, the memories of that day were never very far away. The day after his 25th birthday, he decided it was time to head back to Montana and square accounts with the masked riders who had destroyed life as he had known and loved it. He was respected as a Ranger who was tough, but also for being fair and impartial–a man who followed the letter of the law. Every man was considered innocent until proven otherwise. He never let his emotions overrun his actions and he knew well this was one of the most important things that separated him from the men he hunted. But … the closer he got to Red Lodge and the reopening of the old wounds he had run from ten years ago, the more he felt a fiery rebirth of the old rage he had tried to suppress. The strength of this strange, new darkness frightened and confused him and he quickly became aware of a battle which was forming deep within him that was every bit as dangerous as the battle he faced with his parents’ murderers. He quickly realized that this time, in his quest for justice, he might very well be destroying himself.

About the Author:

R.C. Reynolds was raised in northern Wisconsin and moved to Colorado after college. He has worked as a ski instructor, hunting and fishing guide, outdoor writer and a high school and college Language Arts teacher. He has had several articles, essays and short stories placed in state and national magazines and has had three novels published.

Reynolds has lived in the Rocky Mountains for thirty-five years and has spent some of the best hours of his life hunting, fishing and wandering in their unique splendor. He has also worked on cattle ranches from Colorado to Montana and has had the opportunity to have known and worked with some of the few remaining individuals who still light up the modern day camp fires with the same strength, wisdom, values and free spirit as their half-tamed nineteenth century counterparts—and still deserve to bear the name “Cowboy.”

Return to Red Lodge

Authored by R. C. Reynolds

List Price: $12.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
126 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620063767
ISBN-10: 162006376X
BISAC: Fiction / Westerns

Also available on Nook and Kindle

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