Work in Process + Recent Releases

Status Author Title / Project Release Date
Assigned Adler, Jack The Collosus of Being
Assigned Adler, Jack The Tides of Faith
Assigned Adler, Jack Uncertain Traitor
Released Almand, Gerri The Reluctant RV Wife 8/5/2019
Queue Alonso, VIncent Movements of Power series
Hold Argentini, Paul The Kiss
Editing Baker, Deanne The Boaters’ Club
Queue Bakker, Pamela McDowell’s Mill Fort
Release-In-Process Biaggio, Maryka Eden Waits 8/18/2019
Released Bialak, Patty When the Numbers Don’t Add Up 5/2/2019
Released Blocher, Amy & William Holocaust’s Child 6/23/2019
Queue Bowen, Judith Tapestry
Building Brackett, Virginia In the Company of Patriots
Queue Bressi, Marlin Pennsylvania Oddities v2
Write Brode, Doug & Rose Mary Moziak Sand
Write Brode, Douglas Hope & Glory
Queue Brode, Douglas The Films of Steven Spielberg
Queue Brode, Douglas The Films of Woody Allen
Write Brooks, Cheryl Golden Beauty Boss – The Story of Madame Sara Spencer-Washington and the Apex Empire
Released Charlinski, Jenn Voice of the Red Dragonfly 5/2/2019
Released Cook, William Collision Course – The Basketball Lives of Bob Cousy and Oscar Robertson and The Collapse of the Cincinnati Royals 5/28/2019
Building Copeland, Tom My War and Welcome To It
Hold Corsi, Jerome & Dan Agatino Marilyn Monroe
Released Craven, Alan Till We Have Built Jerusalem 4/27/2019
Write Cressler, John Merchants of Iniquity
Released Cunnane, Kristin Lewis Undoing Jane Doe 3/30/2029
Queue DePino, Catherine (4) books
Released Dewey, Donald Red Herrings 5/4/2019
Building Dewey, Donald Alan Gibb/Franchisement
Write Dewey, Donald Marcello Mastroianni: His Life and Art
Queue Dewey, Donald Nullo
Queue Dewey, Donald Reasonable Doubts
Building Dohren, James Windy City Stories
Released Dorbian, Iris Sentenced to Shakespeare 7/18/2019
Editing Egan, Laury A Bittersweet Tale
Write El Koussa, Karim The 7th Temple Revealing the Elixir of Life
Write El Koussa, Karim The Architect
Hiram Abiff whispering from mouth to ear: “Eloh”
Write El Koussa, Karim The Kabbalistic Visions – Enochian Tradition
Editing Falconer, Will Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs
Write Farrell, Farley & Knorr Graves of Our Founders: Volume 2: Their Lives, Contributions, and Grave Sites
Write Farrell, Farley & Knorr Graves of Our Founders: Volume 3: Their Lives, Contributions, and Grave Sites
Write Farrell, Farley & Knorr Graves of Our Founders: Volume 4: Their Lives, Contributions, and Grave Sites
Write Farrell, Farley & Knorr Pennsylvania Patriots
Proof Fenwick, Chris Wolf
Assigned Findle, Joanie Nightmare Below the Earth and more tales of the supernatural
Editing Ford, Bob Bob Ford’s Rapid Rabbit Recipes
Assigned Fowler, Wade The First Ambassador
Released Friedman, Robert The Defining Sea 4/1/2019
Released Friedman, Robert The Odyssey of Pablo Camino 4/1/2019
Released Friedman, Robert Ulysses in San Juan 4/1/2019
Released Gatlin, JC H_NGM_N 4/6/2019
Released Graeff, Arthur Conrad Weiser: Pennsylvania Peacemaker 8/13/2019
Write Graybill, Guy Love Enough
Write Graybill, Guy Prohibition’s Prince 2nd Ed
Editing Gronsky, David Homer: Your Roadblock to Division 1 Baseball
Released Haney, Kathy Solomon Screech Owl – First Flight 3/8/2019
Released Haney, Kathy Solomon Screech Owl – Goes to the Galapagos 3/8/2019
Released Haney, Kathy Solomon Screech Owl – Antarctic Adventure 5/26/2019
Released Haney, Kathy Solomon Screech Owl – Kangaroo Caper 5/27/2019
Released Haney, Kathy Solomon Screech Owl – Asian Antics 6/24/2019
Queue Hart, Victor Crossing with the Clarks
Editing Harvey, Joe If We’re Really Quiet, It Won’t Find Us
Release-In-Process Harvey, Joe Summer Changes Everything
Write Harvey, Joe What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen?
Assigned Hawley, Michael Curse of the Bayou Beast
Editing Hawley, Michael Jack’s Lantern
Proof Hendrix, Scott Gods, Philosophers, and Scientists
Write Hoffer, Michelle Williard Soaring Minds: Forgiveness
Write Hoffer, Michelle Williard Soaring Minds: Goal Setting
Write Hoffer, Michelle Williard Soaring Minds: Gratitude
Write Hoffer, Michelle Williard Soaring Minds: Love
Write Hoffer, Michelle Williard Soaring Minds: The ABCs of Narcissism for Men
Queue Hoyle, Arthur Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits
Released Hromada, Lisa Love Is the Seed 7/25/2019
Released Hromada, Lisa The Three Supreme Gifts 8/6/2019
Write Hughes, Jess The Emperor’s Hand
Released Jacobson, Clarissa I Made a Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It 7/6/2019
Released Jones, Sarah Summer Squall 7/30/2019
Write Jordan, Catherine Seeking Samiel
Write Jordan, Catherine The Bookseller’s Secret
Released Joseph, Daniel Last Ride of the Iron Horse 6/14/2019
Write Julian, Anthony Dog Quotes
Proof Julian, Anthony Pit Bulls, 2 ed
Assigned Kinder, Wynne Mindful Choices
Assigned Kinder, Wynne Mindful Moods
Released Kious, Steve Murder on the Quilt 6/1/2019
Released Knorr, L D Site 22 6/30/2019
Write Knorr, Lawrence That Our Daughters May Be as Cornerstones: A History of Irving Female College
Write Knorr, Ron & Terry Knorr Palmetto Graves Volume One
Write Knowlton, Sherry Dead Before Dawn
Released Koscienski & Pisano The Devil’s Judgment 6/2/2019
Released LaMarche, Pat Magic Diary 6/11/2019
Editing Landry, Simon Chestnut Street
Release-In-Process Lapchuk, Oxana The Journalist: A Holocaust Story
Released Laracy, Steve Traces of the Past 4/9/2019
Building Latty, Wendy Fowl Language on the Farm
Building Latty, Wendy Gobble, Gobble, Honk
Building Latty, Wendy Orville & Otto
Proof Latty, Wendy What If?
Released Lehmer, Lawrence Bandstandland 4/17/2019
Released Lemanski, William Lost in the Shadow of TIme (2 ed) 5/14/2019
Write Lenker, Brook Common Energy
Queue Livingston, Michele The True Nature of Love
Released Loebell, Larry Tough Girl in the Jam 7/21/2019
Released Lough, Erin (father Bill Lough) What Springs of Rain 5/14/2019
Released Malafarina, Thomas Circle of Blood 6/1/2019
Queue Malafarina, Thomas Death Bringer Jones, Zombie Slayer
Queue Malafarina, Thomas Horror Classics
Queue Malafarina, Thomas Malaformed Realities Vol. 4
Queue Malafarina, Thomas Malaformed Realities Vol. 5
Write Malafarina, Thomas Malaformed Realities Vol. 6
Editing Malafarina, Thomas & Cathy Jordan Hellbender Books Anthology
Editing Mancini, Barbara Cruel Death, Heartless Aftermath
Editing Marchisello, Sharon Secrets of the Galapagos
Released Marcum, Bill The Foreman’s Boys 3/29/2019
Proof Matthews & Blank What to Do about Mama? (2 ed)
Release-In-Process Maurer, R. Kane The Cup in the Shadows Volume 1
Assigned Maurer, R. Kane The Cup in the Shadows Volume 2
Queue Mayer, Ronald Baseball Memories
Editing Mazerac, Joseph Into the Attic of the World
Assigned Mealy, Todd & Linda Schwab Displaced
Released Micek, John Ordinary Angels (Saving TIme) 8/4/2019
Editing Miller, Robert Lost in the Cogan
Released Mitten, Mark Breck’s Quandary 5/10/2019
Write Mitten, Mark Ghosts of the Past
Released Moore, John L 1780: Year of Revenge 6/15/2019
Write Moore, John L. Memoirs of the Dr. Joseph Priestley
Released Myers, Ben American Citizen 7/30/2019
Released Obser, Eileen Only You … A Memoir 4/23/2019
Write Orange, David A Piece of Forever
Queue Orth, Richard L. T. Early paint-decorated Furniture of the Pennsylvania Dutch
Released Ossont, David & David Dampf The Ghosts of Saratoga 7/21/2019
Queue Pappas, Jeff Ponies West
Queue Park, Kelly Just Like Me: When the Pros Played Youth Baseball
Released Pendergrast, Mark The Secret Disciple 4/17/2019
Proof Penzone, Josh The Court of Vintage Woods
Released Piccirillo, P J The Indigo Scarf 6/30/2019
Released Rafferty, Ginny The Road to Lattimer 8/17/2019
Released Ray, Terry The Experiment on the Island of Angleland 6/10/2019
Queue Ray, Terry Angleland Book 2
Write Ray, Terry Return to the Valley 2
Write Ray, Terry Return to the Valley 3
Write Ray, Terry Starships
Released Rayburn, John A Personal Journey Through the World of Sports 4/29/2019
Queue Rayburn, John The Remarkable Big Band Era
Released Regenbogen, Joe Making a Difference: The Story of Irl Solomon and the Difference One Teacher Made in the Schools of East St. Louis 3/31/2019
Building Richards, Miles S Wrestling with George and other tales of Western Pennsylvania
Editing Richardson, Calvin Do You … Without Them
Editing Rist, Helga Innocent!
Released Ritter, Matt Rainwalkers 4/4/2019
Release-In-Process Rockas, Leo Catharine or the Bower
Assigned Romines, Kyle Alexander The Vengeance of the Crows
Editing Romines, Kyle Alexander The Whispers of the Crows
Released Rommel, Keith The Book of Sariel 5/6/2019
Write Rommel, Keith The Book of Sariel II
Write Rommel, Keith The Devil Tree (graphic novel)
Write Rommel, Keith The Weight of the Soul
Building Root, Jon Heart Sparking Performance
Editing Roth, Gerald Bottom Feeders
Editing Royce, Cynthia The Road to Villa Page
Write Schwartz, Glenn The Weathermaker
Editing Seneca, Oliver When the Sky Goes Dark
Write Singel, Mark Falcons and Ferrets – Passion in Times of Politics
Editing Singel, Mark The Life and Loves of Thaddeus Stevens
Write Smith, Bridget M T Polk
Write Smith, Bridget The Murder of General Earl Van Dorn
Queue Snow, Whitney Alabama Bill and the Bowery
Released Snyder, James French Quarters 5/23/2019
Released Soenksen, Virginia The Osiris Contingency 4/19/2019
Write Soenksen, Virginia The Ragnarok Resolution
Write Stangl, Melissa Roots of Consciousness
Released Stevens, Scott On the Run 5/4/2019
Editing Stevens, Scott On Ice
Proof Stevens, Scott Twister Town
Editing Stout, Robert Mexico vs. Trump
Write Stroker, Brahm Rated Z: Shooter Messiah
Write Stroker, Brahm Rated Z: Zombie Revelation
Released Toner, JB Whisper Music 4/14/2019
Proof Tucker, Paula Surviving: A Kent State Memoir
Queue Wagner, Steven Game Won
Released Walsh, Joe Purpose of Evasion 5/16/2019
Editing Webb, Wendy Eye of the Gargoyle
Proof West, Joan Things Strangled
Building Wilbur, Doris Riding the Float
Queue Williams, Chris Stealing First and Other Old-Time Baseball Stories
Editing Williams, Nancy PIG
Editing Williamson, Maia The People Out There
Assigned Zemler, Jeffrey A Family for the Time: Robert Carter Nicholas, George Nicholas and the Critical First Decades of the United States
Released Zygner, Sam Baseball Under the Palms 4/19/2019