USA's most interesting misanthropes detailed in Bressi's "Hairy Men in Caves"

HMIC_fcMECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Hairy Men in Caves: True Stories of America’s Most Colorful Hermits, Marlin Bressi’s biographical compilation of 80 hermits who lived in all corners of our country.

Hairy Men in Caves: True Stories of America’s Most Colorful Hermits profiles the lives of over 80 of the most eccentric hermits from the 18th century to the 20th century. It is the largest compendium of historical American hermits ever assembled.

Part I: Hermits of the Northeast
Old Shep (New York)
The Prodigal Father (New York)
The Hermit of West 16th Street (New York)
The Hermit of Broadway (New York)
Amos Wilson (Pennsylvania) 17
“She Was Too Cruel” (Pennsylvania)

Old Shep

Old Shep

The Hermit of Buckingham Mountain (Pennsylvania)
The Hermit of Blue Hill (Pennsylvania)
Arthur Carey (Massachusetts)
The Hermit of Melrose (Massachusetts)
Old Gold Toes (Vermont)
The Hermit of Hoot Owl Pond (Vermont)
Jeff Bryant (Vermont)
The Hermit of Avalon (New Jersey)
The Tramp of West Hoboken (New Jersey)
Kneeling Francis (New Jersey)
The Killer Mosquitoes of the Hackensack (New Jersey)
The Highwire Hermit (Connecticut)
English Jack (New Hampshire)
Edward Young: The Socialist Hermit (Maine)

Part II: Hermits of the South
Wild Man of the Chattahoochee (Georgia)
An Inventive Hermit (Georgia)
Mason Evans (Tennessee)
The Tree Dweller (Tennessee)
From the White House to the Wilderness (Tennessee)
Mum the Meat-Eater (Kentucky)
Thirteen Years in Darkness (Kentucky)
Pig Jack (Kentucky)
Polly of the Pines (Kentucky)
Basil Hayden (Kentucky)
The Hunchback of Chulafinnee Mountain (Alabama)
A Lesson in Karma (North Carolina)
Robert Harrill (North Carolina)
The Coward of Blacksburg (South Carolina)
Cole Carrington (West Virginia)
Miss Jennie Senkhart (Mississippi)
The Storm King (Florida)
Silas Dent (Florida)
From Riches to Rags (District of Columbia)
Aunt Nancy (District of Columbia)

Part III: Hermits of the Midwest
Hugh Cameron (Kansas)
Rudolph Myers (Kansas)
Fred Kupler (Kansas)
The Strange Funeral of Otto Shaffer (Kansas)
The Hermit of Swan Lake (Minnesota)
William Knight (Iowa)
Captain Stubbs (Iowa)
The Nun and the One-Eyed Hermit (Iowa)
The Hardshell Harpers (Indiana)
Diana of the Dunes (Indiana)
The Heroic Henry Malone (Michigan)
The Man Who Turned Pebbles to Gold (Michigan)
The Robinson Crusoe of Lake Huron (Michigan)
Edgar Donne (Michigan)
The Man Who Lived in a Cage (Missouri)
Patrick Welsh (South Dakota)
The Angry Englishman (Wisconsin)
The Treetop Hermit (Ohio)
Charles Allenton Comes Home (Ohio)
Gottlieb Leitsof (Illinois)

Part IV: Hermits of the West
John Stink (Oklahoma)
Pierre the Prophet (Oklahoma)
The Mysterious Adolph Hauserhufen (Oklahoma)
A Sad Story of What Might Have Been (Oklahoma)
The Tragic Fate of William Hamley (Idaho)
An Ogre’s Ship Comes In (Idaho)
Anton Glasmann (Colorado)
The Ballad of Beatrice and John (Colorado)
Old Man Reavis (Arizona)
Lord Neville of the Garbage Dump (Arizona)
The Green River Hermit (Wyoming)
Upside-Down Mullen (Wyoming)
The Skunk Whisperer (Washington)
Ike Powell (Oregon)
Sailor Jack Seeks a Bride (Oregon)
The Frontier Pharmacist (Texas)
The Hermit Priest of Old Baldy (New Mexico)
Billy Pester Goes Hollywood (California)
The Hermitess of Santa Anita Canyon (California)
Roscoe Overhardt (Montana)

Hairy Men in Caves: True Stories of America’s Most Colorful Hermits
Authored by Marlin Bressi
List Price: $16.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
262 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066300
ISBN-10: 1620066300
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Criminals & Outlaws

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